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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PKI Not Got Old

DN Aidit PKI Leader
PKI Not Got Old

HISTORIA.CO.ID - Before becoming a major party in his time, the PKI through the development of childhood to adulthood entirely. He died before the old.
A birthday gift of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) 45th PKI prepared Historical Society. The shape of a book that summarizes the traveling party. The concept of writing has been completed. Headlines History 45 Years PKI.
On May 4, 1965, Busjarie Latif, secretary of the Communist Party History Institute, sent a letter to "friends" of delivering the manuscript. Content come from documents of the party, the results of the research literature, and lecture materials Aliarcham Political Academy. To "comrades", which supposedly numbered 35 people, he said "determination will further discussion further we preach."
However, the discussion never happened. Unfortunately again, five months later broke Movement events of September 30, 1965 which followed the massacre communists, including Busjarie Latif. Since then, all things communists seized and destroyed, not to mention this manuscript.
Semaun Utomo, 91 years old, the only member of the Institute of History of the PKI were still alive, received the manuscript of China in 2013. Ultimus, publisher of books left in Bandung, then publish it into a book.
Besides loading gait PKI, this book becomes a kind of self-criticism that evaluate errors party. This is not the first manuscript produced Historical Society PKI. Previously they were compiled and published 40 of PKI (1960) and First National Rebellion in Indonesia (1926), published in 1961. However, this book becomes important precisely because it sums up the party trip before his fall.
child Ages
When commemorating the 35th Harijadi PKI, DN Aidit, the PKI leaders in 1951, depicting the birth of PKI in the poem "Now he's been Adult": He is born, the pain, the most advanced class, as children age, who will give birth to age.
"A birth with pain, meaning that it is preceded by the ideological struggle against the ideology of non-Marxist-Leninist and anti-Internationale III," wrote this book.
Birth PKI can not be separated from the Indian Association of Social Democracy (ISDV), the first Marxist organization in Indonesia, which was established in 1913. Henk Sneevliet ISDV then turmoil with the release of JE Stokvis social-reformer who founded the Social Democratic Party of the Netherlands East Indies (ISDP) and refusal to 1917 and refusal to change ISDV Hertogh be according to the decision of the International communist Party III in 1919.
"Victory over the two kinds of enemies of the proletariat is this ideology, which paved the way and allow ISDV into the PKI. And this which makes him great at cleaning preceded ideology into. "
PKI founded on May 23, 1920 with the name of the Indian Communist Party. He was the first communist party in Asia. Congress II in June 1924 decided to change its name to the Communist Party of Indonesia, thus becoming the first party to use the name "Indonesia".
When the PKI was born, the world is shrouded in imperialism. But there are also formed the working class and the unions. Similarly happened Socialist Revolution in Russia in October 1971. "The PKI is age children born at term."
Infant to Adult
This book calls PKI life of its formation; PKI 1926-1927 rebellion, and revolution in August 1945 as childhood because the party has not mastered the theory of Marxism-Leninism. And that's why the revolution failed.
As the impact of the failure of the Communist uprising 1926-1927, the colonial government did "white terror" against the communists through repression, arrests, suspension, and exhaust. PKI is expressed as a party banned.
Musso, through its cadres, Pamudji, reviving the PKI in mid-1938, although it must be moved underground so-called PKI-illegal. The programs are channeled through legal leftist party, the People's Movement of Indonesia (Gerindo), led by Amir Sjarifoeddin. Resistance against Japanese fascist danger is done by pushing Gerindo and other political parties formed Indonesian Political Federation. PKI cadres themselves form the People's Anti-Fascist Movement (Geraf). As a result of this movement, not less than 300 communists captured Japanese soldiers.
One of underground activity was listening to the radio, so Aidit claim first heard the defeat of Japan on 14 August 1945. He immediately seek Wikana and gather the youth to determine the steps declared independence. In the meeting of August 15, 1945 night, Aidit proposed that Sukarno was defined as the first president of Indonesia.
During the revolution, the communists split: PKI-illegal, Socialist Party, Labour Party of Indonesia (PBI), PKI Mohammad Joesoeph (later liquidated), and Pesindo. After Musso arrives in 1948 with the idea of "new road", perform the fusion of three parties bermazhab Marxsisme-Leninism: PKI-illegal, PBI, and the Socialist Party. "From here PKI begins to mature." This is because the party began to integrate the theory of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete practice of the Indonesian revolution.
But back they have to face the "white terror". This time the government launched Muhammad Hatta, which resulted in Madiun 1948 new PKI lie down and up again early in 1951 at the hands of young children PKI like Aidit, Njoto and Lukman.
"In 1951, the year of rebirth PKI, PKI into adulthood and in the V National Congress of 1954 to fully mature."
Dead Before Old
Since Aidit took the lead, PKI take the strategy of "national front". In the formulation of the V Congress in 1954, the party intends to establish an alliance between the "working class, peasantry, the petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie" against the bourgeoisie who collaborated with the imperialist and feudal landlords. The end goal is the so-called "people's democracy" in which there is enough space for a "national capitalism".
But history says another way. PKI could not realize the "people's democracy" or gave birth to a new era of his dream. Once mature, the PKI had no time to grow old; he first died. Events of September 30th Movement of 1965 followed by "white terror" rulers to end the life of the PKI, perhaps, forever.

PKI just celebrated the 45th anniversary, even without gifts prepared Busjarie Latif et al. Yet PKI receive other gifts that are weighted, ie Thesis 45 of the PKI, May 23, 1920-23 May 1965 issued by the Central Committee Politburo.

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