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Sunday, November 30, 2014

KontraS Ask Jokowi Open Team Fact Munir

KontraS Ask Jokowi Open Team Fact Munir

INILAHCOM, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked to reopen the investigation into the murder of human rights activists committed by Polycarpus. Therefore, there is still more suspected perpetrators other than Polly.

"We ask Jokowi restart Munir team at Police Headquarters," said Deputy Strategy and Mobilzation Department KontraS Chrisbiantoro, in Jakarta, Sunday (11/30/2014).

According to him, there is an interesting case if a fact-finding team Munir murder case is assigned again. Because the need to do if the crime scene (scene) in Cangi Airport.

Because, says Chris, of the many CCTV cameras installed at the airport, do not work when Munir and Pollycarpus was at the airport.

"There are approximately 29 CCTV but only two are functioning, there is nothing. Why not work at the airport CCTV Cangi class," he said.

Demands reopening Munur fact-finding team, associated with parole against Polycarpus by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. KontraS assess pemberasan has mencederasi enforcement of human rights violations.

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