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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This mother shot dead son who Aged 3 Years

Christa Engels
This mother shot dead son who Aged 3 Years

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, UNITED STATES - Christa Engels, a mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, accidentally shot by her son three years old. The mother eventually died.

The tragic event, occurs when Engels changing diapers for his daughter. The toddler, it was found semi-automatic pistol and fired it right on the head of his mother.

At that time, the husband is not at home and being menyopir truck. He had arrived home late afternoon, after hearing the shooting incident.
Once out, he could only ask for confirmation of the death of his wife by calling the hospital.

Tulsa police sergeant said, there are a lot of guns in the home. The boy found a large caliber handgun under the couch.

"We are ready to do anything that the child is safe, we thought this was terrible accident," said Sergeant Dave Walker.

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