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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cancer, Fast Spread When Not Coming Treated

Cancer, Fast Spread When Not Coming Treated

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Ria Irawan breathe after surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries in September 2014. Five years earlier, Ria is diagnosed with thickening of the uterine and myoma. "Apparently, the operating time, the disease had reached the ovary," said Ria Irawan.
Ria struggles do not end there. A week after surgery, Ria went to the doctor. Apparently, the disease has spread and invade the lymph nodes. "16 October I come and be know that I am positive lymph node cancer stage 3."
Cancer is a deadly disease, especially if you do not get treatment early because of cancer, including rapid deployment. In the case of Ria, for example. The actress who plays Sri in the movie "Share" this indirect medical treatment when sentenced to suffer from cervical cancer and cancer began to spread to other organs.
Now, Ria admitted resigned. But, he also did not want to give up and decide to do chemotherapy and avoid stress. "Hopefully there is a miraculous recovery," said Ria who experience hair loss due to chemotherapy, smiling.
The body has many cells and the cells were grown in a controlled way to produce more cells. The goal is to keep your body healthy. Therefore, the cells are damaged and replaced the old will die and new cells. Unfortunately, these new cells growing out of control sometimes. This is where cancer can occur.
When one organ cancer, but the sufferer does not immediately perform maintenance actions quickly, other organs will participate attacked. Well, first growing cancer in organs is called the primary cancer.
Primary cancer can spread through the bloodstream to form secondary cancers. As a result, parts of the body involved with cancer. Health experts and scientists refer to this condition as metastasis.
There are 3 ways that make cancer spread, among others:
local spread
Cancer will grow into organs closest to the organs that have cancer.
Through the bloodstream
When the primary cancer cells apart, the cell will move through the blood vessel wall to get into the blood stream. However, most of the cancer cells can not survive long. Even from thousands of cancer cells will only be one that survive and form secondary cancers. The reason is some cancer cells will be lost with a healthy immune system and others died because of blood flow quickly.
Through the lymph system
How to cancer spread through the lymph as well as the spread through the bloodstream.
To prevent the spread of cancer cells you should be able to start a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and eating healthy foods. The aim is that the immune system is maintained. You are also advised to conduct tests that can detect cancer early primary so that it can be quickly handled and had not spread. (PR)

Judging by dr. Fransisca Alvionita

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