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Friday, November 28, 2014

Earth Predicted Nuclear Bombed by aliens because Noisy As Mars

 Nuclear Bombed by aliens
Earth Predicted Nuclear Bombed by aliens because Noisy As Mars

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Amerikat STATES - Earthlings predicted to be destroyed, because of the tremendous explosion of a nuclear bomb fired intelligent extraterrestrial races (aliens).

These predictions, as reported by Mirror.co.uk, expressed Plasma Physicist Dr. John Brandenburg, in the Meeting of the American Physical Society in Illinois, USA, on Saturday (11/22/2014) last week.

"This is not making this up. There is evidence of population Mars used to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb was shot by an alien race smarter. The reason is trivial, because Mars is too noisy, like Earth today," said John.

Theory, he said, is based on data obtained Xenon-129 (NASA robots) in the atmosphere of Mars. There is also a piece of uranium and thorium on the surface of Mars. "It is an example of a result of a thermonuclear explosion," he added.

John said, Mars was the same as Earth. For example, has a climate, houses, land farming, animal life, and civilization as advanced as the ancient Egyptians.

"But, due to the planet's too noisy, because the people are many, there is an alien race that we believe to be smarter not like. To be sure, we have to go to Mars conduct field research," he said.

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