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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Immerse foreign ships, Susi not worry protested other countries

Indonesian military submarines
Immerse foreign ships, Susi not worry protested other countries

MERDEKA.COM. Support for the plans of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries (MKP) Susi Pudjiastuti sank the illegal aliens who steal the fish in the sea Indonesia, became stronger. On the other hand, some countries began ketar ketir on the policy.
Susi Minister did not want to compromise with other countries that have requested that Indonesia did not drown their ships.
"What's the problem. Sovereignty must not be purchased, there is no price," said Susi at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Central Jakarta, Thursday (27/11).
"If for sovereignty, anything to do necessarry to do to be done, it has to be done," he added.
Susi said there was no reason for other countries to protest over this policy. Therefore, the issuance of a policy which is also applied in other countries.
"No one ever complained fishing boats sunk us in Malaysia. Why when we would sink the boat that clearly detrimental to us, other countries have to complain," he said.
The Government reserves the right to immediately sink ships roam illegal alien in Indonesian waters. It is done without the need to sign a memorandum of understanding with any other country.
It was already stated Vice President Jusuf Kalla. According to him, the neighboring countries, such as Australia also straightforwardly direct foreign sink ships sailing illegally in its territory.

"Indonesian Fishermen been arrested too right," he said some time ago.

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