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Sunday, November 30, 2014

'Polycarpus free? That is the reality of this state law! '

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'Polycarpus free? That is the reality of this state law! '

MERDEKA.COM. Freedom Pollycarpus, a convicted murder of human rights activist (HAM), Munir, invite disappointment many people. Despite that happened was in accordance with legal procedures, but the sense of justice has not been granted by the government in this case law enforcement.

Omah activist Munir, Salma Safitri Rahayaan concerned with the state since the beginning of the legal process run've terms singularity. Court Polycarpus proven guilty, but did not want to open up more evidence to imprison the intellectual brother of murder. And then a lot of evidence, the court would stay or not open it.

"Against Polycarpus yes, he has been released, would diapain again? Nah could diapa-apain. There can no longer be processed by the law, we're no principle may not be punished twice right person. That if he is convicted of minor, 14 years, and can remission 11 times the total of 3 years and 6 months. That is the reality of this state law, "said Salma in Omah Munir Museum, Sunday (30/11).

New Polycarpus underwent 8-year sentence from the total sentence imposed. In the approach 2/3 rule is after undergoing his sentence, a person may apply for parole in accordance with applicable regulations. Not to mention reduced with remissions for good behavior, and so forth.

Munir case, said Salma, not only in the realm of law, but also in the political sphere. Need seriousness of the government to enforce the law by ensuring they are guilty and were convicted of murder menskenariokan.

"We are concerned, because the perpetrators of Munir's murder, murder and systemic murder. He was not an ordinary murder as a political murder. There is a scenario that is designed at the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) before some time killed, there are cues to die. He (Munir) it would be killed, "he said.

Salma deplore no different perspective on the murder of Munir, so he gets remission as other prisoners. Supposed to be in effect at an extraordinary crime (crime exceptional) it should not get remission. Political crime, corruption, narcotics is a special crime that should not get a remission as usual case.

"In the case of Munir, Pollycarpus receive remission 2 times a year, while August 17 and Christmas. So for us this country shows the government does not have the seriousness. What is clear SBY has reneged on his promise in solving the case. Because of this part of the process prior to the current administration, "said Salam concluded.

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