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Friday, November 28, 2014

Proud Malaysian Media Call Jokowi

Joko Widodo and family
Proud Malaysian Media Call Jokowi

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Headline - Online media of influential newspaper in the neighbor country, Utusan Malaysia, on Sunday, November 23, 2014 lowered the news with a loud tone. In the article titled "Sorry Proficient, Here Jokowi", the media called President Joko Widodo be a bit arrogant leader.

Quoted from page online messenger, they labeled the former Governor of Jakarta was so, because the policy specifically to sink the foreign fishing vessels, including from Malaysia, which is proven to have violated Indonesian territory. Jokowi policy, it is considered Envoy, as less wise approach in managing inter-state issues.

They then, re-examine the public asked about the phrase "allied nations" in the context of the problem.

"It seems, shows Jokowi choose a confrontational approach to the description given earlier," the envoy.

They also deplore the development of this problem, because it starts from the statement of the Cabinet Secretary, Andi Widjajanto, told Reuters news agency. When interviewed, Andi said that due to the invasion of foreign fishermen, Indonesia harmed by US $ 25 billion annually.

Andi said, with a strict policy that sank Jokowi foreign ships can deliver a serious message to the neighboring countries, including Malaysia.

In view of the envoy, Andi statement was regarded as a serious threat. Malaysian envoy wrote, not concerned, true or not news of the detention of hundreds of people suspected of a fisherman from the neighbor country.

"The problem for us, the attitude of a leader in addressing the issue of breach by the fishing area is not the same as the action of foreigners without permission violations experienced by Malaysia," they said.

They then began to compare breakthrough marine areas suspected of Malaysia with the phenomenon of many illegal immigrants from Indonesia to the neighbor country.

According to the Messenger Online, Malaysia, will use a different approach and would not do something that is beyond the limits of humanity against illegal immigrants from Indonesia. Envoy also highlighted the impact caused by the illegal immigrants, which cause problems and social security in Indonesia.

"That Malaysia is supposed to be assertive, because illegal immigrants from Indonesia contribute to social problems and seize the security in this country," wrote Envoy.

Therefore, the Messenger asked Jokowi, before giving a statement to the public, in order to read the first Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by Indonesia and Malaysia in 2011 ago. In the MoU, the two countries agreed in writing frees traditional fishermen bring sized vessels of less than 10 tonnes if it got lost in the waters of both countries.

That is, the envoy said, if there is a traditional fishermen caught, then they will simply expelled.

"Sink the boat or destroyed property fishermen, nothing in that provision," they wrote.

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