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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Remember the Dead, Remember the grave

The ride was not finished (261)

(Part two hundred and sixty-one, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, April 7, 2015 11:02 PM)

Remember the Dead, Remember the grave

Every living creature, like human beings will definitely feel the dead (deceased). However, none of the humans, including prophets and apostles did not know when he will die, whether he would die at a young age, or old age.
Including the death of God's destiny is already written in the book:
"Lawh Mahfuz".

Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said: "Allaah has set all the destiny of all creatures from fifty thousand years before God created the heavens and the earth". (HR. Muslim no. 2653).

"Nothing a calamity befalls on the earth and (nor) in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book (Lawh Mahfuz) before We bring it. Verily it is easy for Allah ". (QS. Al-Hadid: 22).
Alllah destiny in this book is a common fate, while a special destiny written on the orders of God's Angels on when fetuses exhaled human spirit at the age of four months and ten days, this is called the destiny of a human lifetime.
So, when a man dies, only God knows. When a man dies, there are three categories of accompanying to the cemetery (the cemetery), the first family to be delivered, a second property, third charity. The first two, family and wealth would leave the deceased alone in the cemetery, but he was only accompanied by his charity.
The grave of this, there will be two angels will ask the deceased.
There are three things that will be asked the angel, first, who is your Lord, who's your prophet, and what agamu.
When a man (Muslim) ever uttered the phrase of Tawheed Laillahaillaulah Muhamadarasullah, and during his life carrying out the pillars of faith and the pillars of Islam, then the deceased would be easy to answer whom his Lord and who the prophet, and what his religion.
Angels in the grave would only ask about the third category of this belief, and will not ask about the world.
If we do a lot of charity, then the deceased will feel a grave like a heavenly garden, to await the Day of Judgment, whereas if we did not get a lot sinner repents, then we will feel the punishment of the grave, in the form of a variety of torture, while waiting for the real torment in the Day of Judgment ( judgment Day).
Therefore, when still alive, then in addition to consistent prayers five times a day in time, we also required a lot of remembrance and beristighfar (ask forgiveness of Allah).
Because every human being (son of Adam) must have sinned, because as the word of God in the Quran and Hadith, human nature was definitely never sinned, was the first man, Adam the newly created prophet of God is sin, the devil eat the inedible persuasion Kuldi fruit, whereas Allah has forbidden.
Allah loves those who repent (Istighfar) the word of God in his word: God will have mercy on your sins, if you repent and ask forgiveness to God.
Prophet Muhammad said, Even if there are no more human forgiveness, God will destroy the entire human being, and will create a new human being sinful, that they immediately ask for forgiveness to God (Istighfar).
So heaven and hell was not because of the extent of immorality and human deeds, but the grace of God, but the man who wanted God's grace surely he must be cautious in God and pray a lot, both when prostrating in prayer or in other occasions.
When a man dies, terputuslah charitable person, except for three things, prayer pious child, abandoned science useful for living, and when charity (sadakoh) given that the reward given to the deceased.


By: Adnan Bin Amru Alhaz

Every second there must be people who died and at every second there must also newborns. That routine life of this world. That life will die, who go will be replaced with new ones. We in the world is for instance a traveler who stopped briefly sheltering under a staple. Then he will continue his journey to the grave or the nature barzakh. According to the dictionary Mukhtar al-Shahhah by Abu Bakr al-Razi, barzakhbermaksud dividing wall between the two objects. Based (faith) Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah, every human being will be in the realm of nature called barzakh. He lies between the natural world and the hereafter. This corresponds to the word of Allah in Surah Al-Mukminun paragraph 99-100:

Consummation groups who Kufr apostates to death if death to one of them, he said: "O my Lord, give back me (live initially in the world) - so I do pious deeds in cases that had I left." No! cuisine you will be able to? Actually his words were just words spoken her sake only, being in the presence of their natural barzakh (wall) until the day they are raised initially (on the Day of Judgment).

Someone who is dead and being in nature can barzakh same menjangkakan there he would get enjoyment or misery in the Hereafter. This case is mentioned in a hadith narrated by Imam al-Tirmidhi, the Prophet said that intends to:

"Indeed, the tomb is the first among specialty lodging hereafter, so that if one were detached from seksaannya, then what will come later will be easier again and if someone was not detached (aground) than (seksaannya), then that will come afterward will be more hard (hard, severe). "

A'idh Dr Abdullah al-Qarni wrote in a book that is quite famous, titled "First Night On Natural Grave": An Arab poet once sang his verse:

I left my bed on one day, then I terserkap silent. I have moved from one place heading elsewhere. I set out on the bed to sleep in a palace towards another world. The tomb is the first night. By Allah say what happened on the night .The God must mentakdirkannya on each slave.

Reflect on how the human person trip will end in the grave. Al-Rifa'i said: "Everyone is afraid of something will certainly avoid it, except the grave. No one who wants to run away from it but he will come to him. He is always waiting for you without bored, and when you enter it, you will not go back forever. Renungilah fate of the brother who has now been buried: "In the past he enjoys the beautiful scenery, now his eyes had dated, formerly of uncircumcised tongue spoken, now earthworm consuming mouth. In the past he often laughs, is now setting his teeth shattered. "

Umar bin Abdul Aziz once said to some friend in a ceremony, O so and so! you have melepasi one night, is there any of you ever thought about the grave and its inhabitants? If only you know whether the state of True in the grave, surely you would not dare to approach him.

At one time anyway, Umar bin Abdul Aziz accompany his brother's body. If the survivors buried corpse, then everyone has the maned unless he and some companions who are still not berganjak from the grave. Not long later his friend asked: O Commander of the Faithful, you are the guardian of this corpse, why do you have to wait longer while he has left. Omar then said: "Yes, indeed this tomb called from behind. Mahukah you know what he said to me: They said, "Of course, O Commander of the Faithful. This tomb called me and said, "O Umar bin Abdul Aziz, mahukan I tell you what I will do to the bodies that you love this? Yes, said Umar. The tomb was answered: I will burn the cloth when, I ripped his body, I breathe blood and I chew meat.

Mahukah you know what I would do in the limbs? Of course I replied. I pull up one by one from the palm of the hands, from the hand to the arm, and the arm toward the shoulder. Then I pull the knee of pehanya Similarly, Peha on his knees. I unplug it from calf knee. Of calf toward the soles of his feet.

After hearing the explanation than the tomb, Umar wept and said, "Know my friend, age of the world just a little bit. Glory in it is a disgrace. Youth will be old and that life will die. Woe to those who are deceived by it. Woe is me, how I was when I met the angel of death, when the spirit leaves the world? The decision whether to be lowered by the Lord. He kept crying and continued to cry, then go. Not long after he died.

Among the terms of victory and glory of a servant is to prepare for death and realize that he will be tomb occupant. But crowded in among us ignore the warning and threat of this dangerous. If ever we remembering the death, it was only done while Lewa. Did my brother, why this is true. It is berpunca caused our hearts were too busy with matters of love and the world, causing our heart hard and dark from light.

Brother and gentlemen, the way God we can not tempuhi with feet but he can be reached with the power of the heart. If we feel our hearts are hard and frozen rawatilah it with an explanation of the enormity of the grave. Rawatilah our hearts that he lived. To take care of this hardened heart may be done by implementing some cases:

First- multiply reading al-Quran and remembrance. In this way the heart becomes alive. Know a heart that never or rarely rarely read al-Quran is a heart that is affected by the trickery of Satan.
They both was always humble ourselves and cry before God. Let us act to God as someone who is in need of Him. If we are overwritten difficulty, moaning and pray to Him.
Third - Attending majlis-majlis science. Sedarilah, the higher one's theology more afraid of him to his Lord. In addition it also evaded himself from attending the majlis-majlis that it was useless and wasting time. These include the majlis dance-dance and concert-concert entertainment neglect.
Keempat- remembrance of the dead. Someone who was always mindful of his death cause riveted to the afterlife, as well as the world and do not underestimate the length of wishful thinking.
Kelima- religious visit to the grave. If our heart can not be cured by means before this then this is the way most memorable mengubati hard heart. S.a.w Prophet said:

"Ziarahilah grave as it will remind you to death". (Reported by Muslim)

In conclusion, it is clear to us that death is certain, though he was not the toughest second. Due to the arrival of the mysteries of the human being let was always in a state of willing.

"O parents who have stooped back and close to death, whether you have been getting ready to face the first night? O dashing young man who wallowing in wealth, rank and power, whether you have to prepare for the first night? He was the first night with two faces, may be the first night for the nights next heaven, or be the first night for the nights of hell the next.

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