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Friday, April 24, 2015

Support for Palestinian independence was once again proclaimed

Support for Palestinian independence was once again proclaimed

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com - Support for Palestinian independence re-called by the leaders of the participating countries Asian-African Conference at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, Friday (24/04/2015).

In his speech, President Joko Widodo restate encourage the cessation of violence and support Palestinian independence.

"Let surge back Bandung spirit. Let us continue the struggle of our leaders 60 years ago. The violence must be stopped. Liberation of Palestine must continue to be fought," said President Jokowi the top event Asian-African Conference at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung.

Jokowi said, the spirit of the leaders who attended the Asian-African Conference in 1955, as Indonesian President Sukarno, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of Myanmar U Nu, can still be felt.

"India is an aspiration, Pakistan is an aspiration, Myanmar is an aspiration, Indonesia also is an aspiration, ideals about life free, fair, prosperous and inspiring spirit of Bandung. From this city, they inflame the struggle for independence and the struggle for sovereignty. That noble attitude of the negawaran our predecessors. Those ideals bigger than his time, "said Jokowi.

The attitude of support for the Palestinians back alluded Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab as well as African Union chairman and President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. "Africa supports the Palestinian people for justice and freedom in their own country," said Mugabe.

Bulwark against Palestinian forth in the Declaration of Palestine, one of the three documents agreed at the forum KAA. Accordingly, the President Joko Widodo set of steps to open honorary consulate in Ramallah, West Bank.

Endorsement was welcomed by Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. He also stated that it was time for all countries recognize Palestine.

Concrete steps

In addition to Palestine, Robert Mugabe highlights the need for concrete steps to strengthen cooperation in Asia and Africa.

"We must strengthen our cooperation and interaction for the benefit of our region, for our country and our people," said Mugabe.

The President Jokowi said world map has changed. Similarly, the challenges faced by countries in Asia and Africa, such as poverty and economic inequality that can be overcome by working together.

"We realize that our goal must be achieved through cooperation and the need to partner with other countries. As President of Indonesia, which has 250 million inhabitants, Indonesia is not yet free from poverty and we still lags behind developed countries in the other hemisphere. In addition, we must work together to improve the welfare of our people through economic cooperation and trade, "he said.

Observers of international relations from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Ganewati Wuryandari, say, countries of Asia and Africa can become a new economic power if it can cooperate in the fields of economy and trade.

However, the main requirement, said Wuryandri, is KAA participating countries should resolve their domestic problems, such as politics, economics, and conflicts among the participating countries.

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan can proudly claim to be a religious preacher at Friday prayers at Masjid Raya West Java, Bandung, West Java, on Friday (04/24/2015).

"Certainly there is a sense of pride," said the man who is familiarly called this Aher in Bandung, Friday (24/04/2015).

According to Aher, this moment really can not be forgotten. Therefore, the Friday prayers congregation are guests and heads of Asian and African countries. In addition, the President Joko Widodo contributed to the assembly.

"It's living history. It may be only once in a lifetime speech in front of the President and in front of the heads of state in Asia Africa (who are Muslim)," said Aher.

Aher said, one of the points presented after the event Asian-African Conference (KAA) 60th could give birth to peace and strengthen mutual brotherhood among nations around the world, especially in Asia and Africa.

"The message is, give birth to peace, a message of brotherhood, a message of humanity and in the context of Islam, strengthened by the brotherhood in the name of religion," he said.

"So, Asia and Africa it dipersaudarakan with Islamic brotherhood and Islamic fraternity as well, because it turns out more than half the population of Asia and Africa are Muslim," he said.

Not only attended by guests and heads of Asian and African countries, religious procession was also attended Friday prayers Bandung community.

Despite tight security while KAA, but not prohibited Bandung community to pray the Friday prayer together. However, tight security remains visible in the mosque. People who entered the mosque checked and searched by the Presidential Guard (Paspampres).

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