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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bombs shake Bangkok, 108 died, including Indonesian citizen

Bombs shake Bangkok, 108 died, including Indonesian citizen

BBC - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to ensure a person citizen (Indonesian citizen) died in a bomb blast in Bangkok, while the others suffered serious injuries.
"They are husband and wife. The deceased was his wife, while her husband was still in the emergency room of the goal (ICU) at a hospital in Bangkok," said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Arrmanatha Nasir, told the BBC's Indonesia, Heyder Affan, Tuesday (18 / 07) afternoon.
They are husband and wife. Who died were his wife, while her husband was still in the emergency room of the goal (ICU) at a hospital in Bangkok.
A spokesman for the Indonesian foreign ministry, Arrmanatha Nasir.
According to him, they were not far from the location of a bomb blast at a shrine in the district of Ratchaprasong, Bangkok, Monday (17/08) night.
"The couple was visiting Bangkok," he said, declining to mention their identity.
Embassy of Indonesia to Thailand, he added, so far still coordinating with local security forces if there are other Indonesian citizens who become victims.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia to make sure there are two Malaysian citizens who are victims killed by a bomb at a shrine in the district of Ratchaprasong, Bangkok, Monday (17/08) night.
The bodies of the victims, Saw Lim Gek and his son, Jai Neoh Jun, the current has been placed in police general hospital in Bangkok. Two other Malaysian people injured in this incident.
Chief of Police in Thailand said the blast came from the Erawan Shrine pipe bomb. The bomb was placed inside the temple. A number of media reports in Thailand said a bomb using ingredients as much as three kilograms of TNT.
Someone with a black backpack
Separately, Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-o-cha describes the bomb attacks that killed at least 21, this is the worst incident ever occurred in that country.

Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-o-cha describe bomb attacks that killed at least twenty people this is the worst incident ever occurred in that country.
He said security forces had identified someone who looks from the CCTV footage that looks suspicious.
A BBC correspondent in Bangkok says the person seen entering the temple with a black backpack and left it in the temple.
Thai authorities say so far they have not ruled out a number of groups behind these incidents, including opponents of the military government and the ethnic Uighurs.
Earlier, the Thai government's decision to repatriate 109 people from ethnic Uighurs to China in July protesting various parties.
Thailand defensive over its decision to repatriate 109 people from ethnic Uighurs to China this week after the policy was criticized by various parties.
A government spokesman said the repatriation is in conformity with international law. Added the Thai government did not forcibly repatriate Uighurs held throughout the country despite being asked by the Chinese and only partially discharged.
Last year Thailand Uighurs detained nearly 400 people. Carrying 172 people were sent to Turkey, especially women and children. Told by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, they are citizens of Turkey despite the fact that originated from China.
As for being sent back to China is male. Uighurs generally live in Xinjiang province.
A number of human rights groups said they were repatriated to China at risk of torture.
Turkish police
Turkish riot police stationed at the Embassy of Thailand in the capital.
Thailand policy repatriate Uighurs sparked violent protests in Turkey. The rally even tinged with violence when protesters stormed the Thai consulate in Istanbul on Wednesday night (08/07) and protests continued the following day.
As a result, this Friday (10/07) Thailand temporarily closed its embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul.
While the anti-Chinese sentiment in Turkey related reports of recent increases in fasting restrictions Xinjiang province.
Ethnic Uighur from western regions of China does have a cultural and religious ties strong with Turkey.

The demonstrators burned Chinese flags, attacked a number of Chinese restaurants, even those accused of attacking tourists suspected of originating from China.
Protests began after reports that ethnic Uighur Muslims in China are prohibited from fasting during Ramadan.
Ethnic Uighurs from western China region is derived from a clump of ethnic and cultural and religious ties strong with Turkey.

The demonstrators angered Turkey by the report on China's security measures against ethnic Uighur Muslims during Ramadan in Xinjiang.
"Our citizens are saddened to hear the news that the Uighur Turks are prohibited from fasting or other diverse responsibilities in the Xinjiang region," said Turkish Foreign Ministry statement last week.
In return, the Chinese government said they respect the religious freedom of Muslims and allegations that a number of religious activities in Xinjiang banned during Ramadan is "quite contrary to the facts" and exaggerated by the Western media.
"There is no state institutions, private organizations or individuals who can force others to believe or not believe in any religion. They must not discriminate between residents and non-religious religion, "said the Chinese government statement.
However, these explanations can not dampen the anger of Turks.
Happy Chinese restaurant owned Cihan Yavuz was attacked by an angry mob in Istanbul last week.
"People are scared here, afraid of being attacked again," said Yavuz.
"If they want to protest against the Chinese government, they could march in front of the embassy. Not really use violence for the sake of protest, "he said.

Tourists seem not afraid traveled in Turkey although the Chinese government issued a travel warning.

Happy Chinese restaurant owned Cihan Yavuz, was attacked by a number of people.
In addition to attacking the Chinese restaurant, the demonstrators attacked the tourists who suspected originated in China.
A tour guide named Miray Hamit said four or five men a knife attacked a tourist in the group.
The attacks coincided with a march mat Grey Wolves group - onderbouw right wing MHP.
"They ask where we were. When we say that we are from China they started to beat one of us. A Turkish tour guide and I break up the attack. We were all scared. One of us was injured, although not too serious. I was also beaten, "said Hamit.
Miray attacker Hamit not sure it came from a parade Grey Wolves and may be an ordinary pedestrian.
Turkish media reported the attacks on a number of Korean tourists suspected of China on the march the Grey Wolves.
The allegations directly contradicted the Chairman of Grey Wolves in Istabul, Ahmet Yigit Yildirim. He says it is a fight that occurred between demonstrators and police voice and there is no danger to the tourists. He said that did not receive complaints against them.
"The safety of all tourists who come to our country is our responsibility. We do not tolerate any violence, "he said.

Grey Wolves chairman said tourists safe from harm as long as they hold a demonstration.
Police sources could not speak to the BBC. However, the South Korean consulate in Istanbul said it has not received complaints or reports of attacks against them there.
As for the Chinese tourists did not seem deterred by heightened anti-Chinese sentiment in Turkey.
"We really know what was going on. But we did not experience any problems. We believe Turkey. Turks are very friendly with us, "said Zhang tourists named Lucky.
This week, the Chinese government issued an appeal for its citizens traveling to Turkey and warned them to stay away from the demonstration and did not record it.
The Chinese government has sought to control religious expression in Xinjiang to enforce a number of regulations for the Uighurs.

Mural propaganda in Kashgar, Xinjiang, indicating the prohibition of marriage by priests.
Some rules are contained in a number of parts of Xinjiang, including:
Banned veiled women
The Uighurs are also not allowed to buy a knife in some areas
Activities pray strictly regulated. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited to mosque
Married couples must apply to the government and should not be married in secret by a priest
Only adults are allowed Uighur man beard
A series of strict regulations and supervision of the Chinese authorities against Muslims shared an ethnic Uighur. The BBC, he was admitted to move to Turkey from Xinjiang in December 2014.
He said Chinese authorities interrogated his family when they break their fast during Ramadan.
"Why do you grow beards? Why do you read the Qur'an? Why veiled women ?," said the person who requested anonymity, did not mention it, mimicking the questions apparatus.
After interrogation, the soldiers then arrested him and his family in prison. "They even hold my child 10 years old and his four friends."
Once free, the man then went with his family to Turkey passing through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Now she lives in Istanbul with his wife and four children.

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