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Friday, August 28, 2015

Really ISIS Sunny groups, continue to receive support ISIS Why?

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(Part three hundred fifty eight), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, August 26, 2015, 14:48 pm).

Really ISIS Sunny groups, continue to receive support ISIS Why?

A country that calls itself the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and Levamt (Islamic caliphate / ISIS) is still controls 1/3 of Iraq and Syria.
ISIS reportedly backed jihadis 25,000 youth (male and female) who came from 100 countries, including those from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, and many other Arab countries.
However, Saudi Arabia has accused ISIS is Khawarij, who came out of the ideology of Islam, while Wikipedia says ISIS is a joint Sunni and Salafi.
That is why the Coalition of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia supports 80 other countries led by the United States to continue the fight against ISIS.
Until now there has been no independent and objective researchers, who exactly ISIS, whether incoming group of Sunni, Salafi or Khawarij, as alleged by Saudi Arabia.

A Saudi cleric declared that he has not found the splinter groups of Muslims in accordance with the companions of Ahl Sunnah wal Jama'ah except among the followers of As-Salaf al-Salih Ahlul Hadeeth.

The Mu'tazilah how could correspond to the companions of the great figures while they denounce the great figures of justice and lowered their friend and accused them of heresy such as Al-Wasil bin Atho 'which states: If Ali, Az-Zubair Tholhah and then I did not testify punished because of their testimony. [See Al-Farqu Bainal Firaq hal.119-120]

The Kharijites had come out of religion and menyempal of the congregation of the Muslims because some basic points of their doctrine is mengkafirkan Ali and his son, Ibn Abbas, Uthman, Talha, Ayesha and Mu'awiyah and is not located on the properties of the companions of people harassing and mengkafirkan them.

As Shufiyah, they underestimate the legacy of the Prophets and demeaning the transmitter of the Book and Sunnah and their mensifatkan as the deceased. A great man they say: You take your knowledge, of deceased while we take our knowledge of the great life that is not dead (God) directly. Therefore, they say-with their mouths to reject sanad hadits-: Has mengkhabarkan me my heart of Rabb.

As for the Shiites, they have believed that the companions had lapsed after the death of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam except a few people, see Al-Kisyiy -one of them- priest narrates the history of the book Rijalnya case. 12.13 from Abu Ja'far, that he has stated: All the apostate after the death of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam except three, I said: Who is the third person? He replied: Al-Miqdaad bin Al-Aswaad, Abu Dhar Al-Ghifary and Salman Al-Farisiy.

And narrated in p.13 of Abu Ja'far, he said: The Emigrants and Anshor has come out (of religion) except for three. [See Al-Kaafiy work of Al-Kulaniy, hal.115]

Khomeini also see their great -tokoh at the time of this- denounced and cursed Abu Bakr and Umar in his book Kasyful Asroor case, 131, he stated: Verily syaikhani (Abu Bakr and Umar) ... and from here we find ourselves forced to submit evidence proof of their deviations are both very clear about the Koran in order to prove that the two had menyelisihinya.

And said again terms of 137: ... and the Prophet closed the eyes (d) while both his ears no remarks on Ibn al-Khattab who erect falsehood and kufr sourced from practice, kezindikan and penyelisihan of the verses in the Qur ' an glorious.

As Murji'ah, they believe that the faith of those hypocrites who are in the same faith kenifakan Assabiqunal Awalun (the first people who converted to Islam) of the Emigrants and Helpers.

How they all corresponded with the friends while they are:

Mengkafirkan chosen people from among them
Do not accept at all that they are narrated from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in aqeedah and shariah law.
Follows the Byzantine civilization and Greek philosophy

In conclusion
These groups all want to deny us the witnesses to the Book and Sunnah and denouncing them while they are more worthy of reproach, and they are the zindiq.

Thus it is clear that the understanding of al-salaf is manhaj Firqatun Najiyah and Ath-Thaifah Al-Mansurah in the concept of understanding, acceptance and Istidlal (legal decision).

While those who follow the example of the companions are those who labor with the narrations (Hadith) are authentic and authentic dalah Shari'a law, with the road and understanding friend, and this is his way of life Ahlul Hadeeth, not the course of Ahl-ul-bid'ah and hawa. So true and the strong what we describe when we explain their success in the form arbitrate to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with the success of the person who took the sunnah sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam and the Sunnah of the four caliphs after him.

BBC - An Englishman is touted as the "leading cyber jihadists," was killed in a drone attack military -drone- in Syria, according to US officials.
Mentioned, Junaid Hussain, a young man 21 years of Birmingham ever convicted of computer hacking case, was a "high value target" among a group calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS.
According to the US, killing the man who entered Syria in 2013 was a major blow for ISIS.
Michael McCaul, chairman of the Commission of Homeland Security (Homeland Security Committee), the US said Hussain's death was a "clear message."
"We must continue to guard and maintain our intelligence capabilities to prevent possible attacks, and we must destroy the sanctuary to terrorist groups.
Earlier, a British government spokesman said, "We are getting reports that a terrorist ISIS Englishman believed to have been killed in a coalition air strike in Syria dialkukan.

Image caption
Another British jihadists, Abdul Waheed, the first British citizen who commit suicide bombings
Hussain, an expert computer hacker, was sentenced to six months in prison in 2012 for leaking online personal contacts former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and perform a fake phone call to a telephone line anti-terror hotline.
In June, the British newspaper The Sun melapaorkan, Hussain associated with an ISIS plans to carry out bomb attacks are made with pressure cookers, pressure-cooker, a parade of the Armed Forces in London.
Hussain is married to a former punk musician, Sally Jones, and is known as a member of a computer hacker group Team Poison.
US officials said the drone attack that killed Hussain launched near the city of Raqqa.

More and more French women are being targeted to join a group calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS.
According to observers of terrorism, the number of women who join the group are more extreme than men.
"Many women in France who are interested (to join ISIS) for humanitarian reasons," said Jean-Charles Brisard, director of the Terrorism Analysis Centre in Paris to the French news website, The Local.
"Propaganda targeting French citizens displaying many women and children who suffer. Video and photographs will move the (heart) of women," said Brisard.
"They (ISIS) using the values ​​of the West to convince the women to join them (ISI)," he added.
Over 130 women joined
Since April 2014 the government opened a special phone line, which allows citizens to report people who are likely to go to Syria or Iraq to join ISIS.
Since then the government has received no fewer than 3,670 reports.
Data for March 2015 show there of 261 people were reportedly suspected of joining ISIS, 135 of whom are women.
The published report said 1,430 French upper house of the French people have joined the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

David Cameron will try some new methods to tackle radicalization. He said Britain had too long been "passively tolerant society".
The British Prime Minister will deliver at the National Security Council counter-extremism plan that will be included in a speech on May 27th.
The draft legislation will include new immigration rules, authorities closed the gathering place of the extremists and the 'rules regarding interference extremism'.
Cameron will say the importance of facing the hard-line ideology that "toxic."
The proposal was first designed by the Home Secretary Theresa May before the British election.
The plan may be opposed by some members of the new parliament because it may violate the free speech rights of the people of the UK, the BBC correspondent Danny Shaw said.
Spreading hatred
The measures will also include a ban rule for hardline organization that spread hatred in a public place, whose activities have not been classified as a terrorist organization's activities.
According to the details given May at the conference the Conservative party last year, the rule will apply if the minister "reasonably believe" that a particular group intended to incite religious tension or race, threatens democracy, or if there is an urgent need to protect the public from harm, or risk violence, unrest, harassment or other criminal acts.
Image copyrightEPA
Image caption
Theresa May is to design rules for a long time, but the former does not have the support of government partners
If the ban is approved, which will be reviewed by the High Court langsng the membership or the provision of funds to the organization as it is considered a felony.
The law on extremism disturbance applied to individuals with the same criteria.
With the government's plans, Charity Commission will be given additional powers to "sort out the institutions that misappropriate funds for extremism and terrorism", and the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom may take action against stations that broadcast content containing hard-line message.
Bigotry and ignorance
May be told the National Security Council, that the government will empower a variety of institutions to "challenge the bigotry and ignorance".
Image copyrightGetty
Image caption
The Government will empower a variety of institutions to "challenge the bigotry and ignorance".
Cameron will say the new bill will be increasingly difficult for those who spread hard-line views.
"For too long we become passive tolerant society, saying the residents 'as long as you are a law-abiding, we will let you'," Cameron said in a statement.
The Conservative government will no longer use the "previous approach has failed," he added, saying that the UK should be facing the etags i "radical Islamic ideology that is toxic."

Two senior Iraqi military commanders were killed together three others passing by a car bomb attack.
This occurs in an area north of the capital of Anbar province, Ramadi, where government forces face a militia group calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS.
One of those killed was General Abdel Rahman Abu Ragheef, deputy commander of operations in the strategic province.
Tenth division leaders, Safeen Brigadier Abdel Majeed, was also killed in the attack on the Jerayshi area, said a spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Rasool was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.
He told state television that the military intercepted a vehicle containing explosives targeting them, "but the explosion made them into martyrs."
Has not received an official statement of the party responsible for this attack.

Military and police with the support of Shiite militias, Sunni fighters and US-led air strikes were trying to recapture the town, located 100 km west of Baghdad that, but the development of this operation is slow.

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