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Monday, August 3, 2015

God's gift to man complete.

The ride was not finished (330)

 (Part three hundred thirty), Depok, West Java, Indonesia, August 3, 2015, 13:47 pm)

God's gift to man complete.

The gift of God to man (inhabitants) living on the earth is very complete and perfect, God created human beings in addition to complement the human body with the five senses and the mind, it also gives the gift to the inhabitants of the earth in the form of rain.
From this lifelike water, plants other than animal life, water is also plantations, rice and wheat, corn can flourish, animals also easily eat grass or leaves are partially between the meat and milk of animals that are beneficial to humans.
In the Qur'an sura Al Muminun verses 17-22 Allah says: that God who created the seven heavens and the earth and its contents including arranging gifts in the form of rain.
In countries that rarely any rain God gives his gifts in the form of water, such as springs from the soil and seawater. Because the refinery technology that could distill sea water into fresh water now fertilize trees and plantations that exist in Saudi Arabia, Oman and other Arab countries.
In countries where the population there most certainly are grateful for the favors of Allah Allah will give gifts, with sufficient water, the natural wealth of the earth, in the sea, and ease of other life.
If you look at the history that is in the Koran, how a people (nation) are not grateful for the favors of God and even against the Prophet and His Messenger are always given the punishment of God in the form of the narrowness of life (sustenance) as drought, rain continuously until the cause floods and landslides, so as to destroy some of them, there is even a nation completely destroyed (except for a small portion that remains faithful) and replaced with new people, as the Ummah drowned in the flood of Noah nation  that the flood to drown them.
At the one we are most grateful of God, so that we are always given the ease of good life for life in this world and in the hereafter (eternal).

Al-Qur'an Surah Al Mu'minun Verse 17-22

ولقد خلقنا فوقكم سبع طرائق وما كنا عن الخلق غافلين (17) وأنزلنا من السماء ماء بقدر فأسكناه في الأرض وإنا على ذهاب به لقادرون (18) فأنشأنا لكم به جنات من نخيل وأعناب لكم فيها فواكه كثيرة ومنها تأكلون (19) وشجرة تخرج من طور سيناء تنبت بالدهن وصبغ للآكلين (20) وإن لكم في الأنعام لعبرة نسقيكم مما في بطونها ولكم فيها منافع كثيرة ومنها تأكلون (21) وعليها وعلى الفلك تحملون (22

Translation of Surah Al Mu'minun Verse 17-22

17. [12] And indeed, We created the seven heavens above you [13], and we are not unmindful of creation (us) [14].

18. And We send down water from the sky in size [15], and We shall make it to settle in the earth's water [16], and surely We are able to eliminate them [17].

19. Then the (water), We grow for you gardens of date palms and grapes [18]; there [19] you obtain the fruits are many and some of the (fruit) that you eat,

20. And (We certainly are) trees (olives) which grew from Mount Sinai [20], which produces oil, and plant material tastes for people who eat [21].

21. And indeed, in the cattle [22] there is a lesson for you [23]. We give you to drink from (milk) that exist in the stomach [24], and on it there are also many benefits for you [25], and some of them you eat,

22. And on the backs of animals [26], and (also) on the ships you are transported [27].


Shaikh Abdur Rahman bin Nasir As-Sa'di rahimahullah

Many people are mistaken about the nature of science that is authentic, that science should be studied and searched. They pulled into two opinions, and the extreme opposite to each other. One of them is more dangerous than others.

The first opinion, the notion that science is limited to authentic science syar'i is only partially related to the improvement of faith, morals and worship, not all science shown by al-Qur'ân and as-Sunnah which includes the science syar'i and all the instrumentality of science and knowledge about the universe. This opinion comes from those who do not understand the shariah correctly. However, now began to look for ways maslahah and when he saw the many benefits of science about the universe, as well as most of them aware of the instructions of religious texts on the art.

Second opinion, an opinion that limit science on modern sciences are part of science. This opinion appears to result from their berpalingnya of religion, theology and akhlakya. This is clearly a very fatal mistake, which they make as an objective intermediary. They reject the authentic science and nature that is useful, if not shown by modern science altogether. They have been deceived by the various results of new discoveries. It is they who are meant in the word of Allah Almighty:

فلما جاءتهم رسلهم بالبينات فرحوا بما عندهم من العلم وحاق بهم ما كانوا به يستهزئون

And when it comes to them apostles (who was sent to) them by bringing ketarangan particulars, they were delighted with the knowledge that is on them and they were surrounded by the punishment of Allah Almighty that they always perolok fun of it. [Al-Ghafir / 40: 83]

They are proud of their knowledge, arrogant and insulting the science of the Apostles. As a result, they are overwritten torment their cynicism and threats given to the false apostles of Allah Almighty. They were tortured in the world with the closing of the heart, eyes and hearing them, so that they can not see the truth.

ولعذاب الآخرة أشد وأبقى

And indeed the punishment of the Hereafter is more severe and more lasting. [Taha / 20: 127]

وما كان لهم من الله من واق

And they do not have a patron of the punishment of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. [Ghafir / 40: 21]

The nature and the purpose with useful knowledge in the al-Qur'ân and as-Sunnah is the science that delivers all the lofty goal, which led to judge actions beneficial, there is no difference between science related to the world as well as those related to the afterlife. So, all of which lead people to the right path, can improve and increase moral theology and practice, then it is a science.

Science is divided into two: the objective and the means (intermediaries) which could lead to a goal.

The goal is all the science that improves the religion, while the means are all the science that supports the goals as the Arabic language sciences and other sciences, including the science about the universe that led ma'rifatullah (knowledge of Allah Almighty), knowledge of His unity and His perfection, also led to the knowledge of the truth to His Apostles. Other fruit is able to assist in worship and give thanks to Allah l, as well as assist in the enforcement of religion. For verily Allah Almighty has subjected the universe to us and Allah Almighty ordered us to think and try to dig into things that are useful, beneficial both religious as well as in the life of the world. And command to something meaningful orders to carry out what the object of the command and the command also to implement all the intermediaries and falsifies the order fulfillment.

It encourages us to know the natural sciences can be used to explore the benefits of all that has been subjected Allah Almighty to us. Because of the benefits and results will not be achieved without effort, thought and conduct research. Allah Almighty says:

وأنزلنا الحديد فيه بأس شديد ومنافع للناس

And We have created an iron that contained her great strength and a wide range of benefits to humans, [al-Hadid / 57: 25]

These benefits will not be achieved except by knowing the related sciences so that maximum results.

A lot of texts in the Qur'an and Sunnah which praised the science and the experts praised his knowledge and the need for more priority than any other scientist. Allah Almighty says:

قل هل يستوي الذين يعلمون والذين لا يعلمون

Is there the same people who know people who do not know? [Az-Zumar / 39: 9]

They are the ones who fear Allah Almighty and know Him

إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء

Indeed the fear of Almighty Allah among His servants, just scholars. [Fatir / 35: 28]

Allah Almighty ordered the people who do not know to ask the scientist.

Almighty Allah also commanded the Muslims to perform many types of worship and banned from all that is unclean. Commands and prohibitions can not be done except after having the knowledge and know. So the commands and prohibitions that shows the necessity of studying everything related to the command and prohibition itself. As well as Allah Almighty allow most mu'amalat (everything related to intraksi among humans) and forbids others. To do so means that we must be able to distinguish between mu'amalah are allowed and which are not allowed. Such classification can not be done except by knowledge. Almighty Allah denounced the people who do not know the limits that have been Allah Almighty sent down to the apostles in the Book and Sunnah.

Among the commands of Allah l is jihad in many verses command, and the command to prepare the power that can be done to deal with the enemy and take care of them. These commands will not be realized except by studying fighting techniques and weapons.

Allah Almighty also ordered to study trade and economic sciences, even Allah Almighty ordered to test the orphans are still small with so they know the science and commerce can work before entrusted with their personal belongings. Allah Almighty says:

وابتلوا اليتامى حتى إذا بلغوا النكاح فإن آنستم منهم رشدا فادفعوا إليهم أموالهم

And test the orphans until they reach the age of marriage. Then, when do you think they have an intelligent (smart maintain treasure), then hand over to them their wealth. [An-Nisa / 4: 6]

In the above verse, Allah Almighty is not ordered to hand over their property until it is known that they have the knowledge about how to manage property and know the science of trading.

This perfect Shari'a commands us to learn all kinds of useful knowledge; ranging from the science of Tawheed, Usûluddîn, science Jurisprudence and law, sciences Arabic, science and political economy, and sciences can to improve personal circumstances and society.

No useful knowledge in the world and in the hereafter unless it has been instructed and encouraged by this law. Thus, Plank in this religion religious sciences and natural sciences. Even sciences useful world can be inserted into a part of the science of religion.

As for those who exaggerated, they make science is limited to the portion of religious knowledge alone. Indeed, they have fallen into a fatal error.

Instead homage to the materialist, they perceive that true science is limited to natural science. They deny the other sciences, they diverge so that religion and their morals corrupted. The fruits of their science only products that arid, can not cleanse their mind and spirit, nor edify. Science them more harm than good future. They only benefit from the improvement of products and new discoveries alone, but they get the wretched of the two sides:

First, the science would be the biggest disaster for them and for humanity, because science was only brought destruction, war and destruction.

Second, with the knowledge that they have, they will become proud and arrogant that they dared to offend the science of the Apostles and judge actions of religion.

إن الذين يجادلون في آيات الله بغير سلطان أتاهم إن في صدورهم إلا كبر ما هم ببالغيه فاستعذ بالله إنه هو السميع البصير

Sesungguhhnya those who argue about the Signs of Allah without any reason up to them nothing in their breasts but only (desire for) the greatness that they occasionally will not achieve it, then ask for the protection of Allah. Indeed, He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. [Ghafir / 40: 56]

فلما جاءتهم رسلهم بالبينات فرحوا بما عندهم من العلم وحاق بهم ما كانوا به يستهزئون

And when it comes to them apostles (who was sent to) them by bringing ketarangan particulars, they were delighted with the knowledge that is on them and they were surrounded by the punishment of Allah Almighty that they always perolok fun of it. [Al-Ghafir / 40: 83]

With the above description, we can know that useful knowledge in the world and in the hereafter is the science that comes from the book of Allah Almighty and the Sunnah of the Prophet n that includes a pseudo type of useful knowledge, there is no difference between the core science and science branch , nor theology and science quasi-equal world. As Islamic faith includes the obligation faith in all truth, faithful to the books that Allah Almighty sent down, and all the Apostles which Allâh Almighty sent. Walhamdulillâh

(Were raised from the book ad-Din as-Saheeh al-Jami'a Yahullu Masyakil)

[Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah 12 / Year XVII / 1435H / 2014. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

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