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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

as many as nine British Medical Students Join ISIS

as many as nine British Medical Students Join ISIS

Nine British Medical Students Join ISISBeritaPrima, London - A total of nine medical students English descent Sudan traveled to Syria to work in a number of hospitals in the region are dominated Islamic State or ISIS. Similarly, the British media reports on Sunday (22/03/2015).

Nine students, 4 women and 5 men, entered Syria last week. They keep the plan of the relatives until shortly before crossing the Syrian border.

Politicians Turkey, Mehmet Al Ediboglu, told The Observer, "We all suspect they are now in Tel Abyad, which is under the control of ISIS. Conflict out there is fierce, so that medical help is definitely needed. "

Ediboglu, who has met the families of the students, said they suspect that young people young Englishman had 'cheated (and) brainwashed'.

The group, which in their teens to early 20s, all Britons Sudanese descent studying at medical school in Khartoum, capital of Sudan.

Ediboglu explains, "These children were born and raised in England, but they were sent to Sudan to study in medical school."

The nine men flew to Istanbul on March 12, he said. They then take a bus to the Syrian border the next day.

The new family notified when one of the students, Lena Maumoon Abdulqadir (19 years), send WhatsApp messages to his brother, saying that he wants to be 'volunteer to help the Syrian people injured'. The message was accompanied by a photo of himself selfie 'grin'. The message was sent to his brother reportedly reads, "Do not worry about us, we have reached Turkey and were on their way to volunteer to help the people of Syria are injured."

His father allegedly rushed to Turkey after learning about her daughter's plans. When speaking to the Turkish Daily Birgun, the father said, "He lives in (Africa) a place that requires a lot of doctors everywhere. Why did she go all the way to Syria to be a volunteer? "

UK Department of the Interior, as reported by the Daily Mail, is reported to have said that the group will not automatically face prosecution if they returned to the UK, as long as you prove that they never fought for ISIS. While the country's Foreign Ministry said, "We are providing consular assistance to the family and has told police Turkey, trying to ensure their existence."

The news of the nine students had appeared after five teenage girls who are interested to Syria banned from traveling abroad on fears more British children are planning to join a terror organization ISIS. Passport girls, aged between 15 and 16 years, has drawn a High Court judge after there were concerns related to allegations they submitted a plan of local government.

The adults in charge of them also lost his passport.

The previous day, a boy aged 16 years old from Brighton was also banned from traveling abroad after the death of his older brothers. Two brothers were killed in Syria.

Previous three teenage boys horrendous England after being picked up in Istanbul when they tried to cross the border. Their parents in the UK called the police after three boys aged 17 and 19 years was gone. Their return occurs when the impressions of north London three students who previously left the country to join the ISIS on the front lines appear on the screen.

February Kadiza Sultana (16 years), Shamima Begum (15), and Amira Abase (15), fled to Syria. The girls were arrested CCTV cameras in the UK and in Turkey where they are thought to have been delivered to cross the border by the 'link' (fixer) ISIS which gave them false documents.

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