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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nigerian death row proposed PK, with evidence of a false identity

Nigerian death row proposed PK, with evidence of a false identity

Seven convicted foreigners to be executed.
The process of execution of 10 convicted of narcotics, entering a new complexity. For the first time the Nigerian government has asked Indonesia to cancel the death penalty against the citizens.
While one of the death row inmates from Nigeria, Raheem Agbaje Salami, said he was someone else, will therefore propose An overview Back. He also enrolled Resistance lawsuit against the decision of the Administrative Court concerning the refusal of presidential clemency Jokowi.
A number of Nigerians in Jakarta, praised the Nigerian government.
Josh, Nigerians who claimed the cargo business entrepreneur, found in Tanah Abang area, one of the central activities of Africans, particularly Nigeria, which do business in Jakarta. Generally they do business in the field of clothing and cargo.
According to Josh, the Nigerian government has demonstrated its efforts to defend its citizens.
"They are not silent. They had summoned the Indonesian ambassador in Nigeria, asked the Indonesian government did not execute our citizens were put to death," he said.
"I'm happy. Regardless of the outcome later, it depends on the kindness of the Indonesian government. But I think the Nigerian government has done what it should be in trying to help citizens who get into trouble."
A number of other Nigerians in the region also expressed a similar opinion.
Fake passports
Nigeria is one of the many countries that citizens sentenced to death in Indonesia. Based on the record of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (CONTRAST), has three Nigerians who were executed for drug cases since 2008. While Nigerians who had been sentenced to death but not yet executed, there were 11 people.
But this time the Nigerian government calling Indonesian Ambassador in Abuja, Harry Purwanto, to request that is not carried out executions of three Nigerians on death row.
Raheem Salami actually Jamiu Abashin?
One of a Nigerian man to be executed is formally known Raheem Agbaje Salami, passport holders Spain, it turns out he is Jamiu Owolabi Abashin Nigerians.
According to Karim Utomo, first client intends to enter Canada, through Malaysia, the services of an "agent".
"But it turns out he never departed, until overstayed --tinggal past the prescribed time limit. He was arrested, and his passport was confiscated, and he was held up to two years."
Somehow, Utomo said Karim, Jamiu Owolabi Abashin sent to Thailand, and finally ignored in Bangkok.
"He met someone, who gave him shelter and others. And finally he was told to bring a suitcase that she did not know it. And given the new passport is false, the name Raheem Agbaje Salami."
Utomo Karim shows, photo on the passport with a picture of yourself, is very different.
A group of people in reclaiming rallied in support of the death penalty.
There has also been confusion, because Raheem alias Jamiu Spanish people think, because it was written birth Cordova, but Cordova is a place in Ivory Coast, in contrast to Cordoba in Spain.
Therefore, said his lawyer, Utomo Karim, will be submitted Reconsideration linked this false identity, in addition to the lawsuit resistance to the administrative court decision concerning the refusal of a pardon by President Jokowi.
"I should have verified his identity from the beginning," said Karim Utomo.
According to him, apart from forgeries, "if his identity is false, then the case could be null and void."
The second
Confusion identity also occurs in the first wave of executions in January.
Family Namaona Denis -which was recorded as one of the convicts who dieksekusi- said Denis had died in 2013 in South Africa, but his passport was stolen. That is, the death row inmate who has been executed is not Namaona Denis as believed.
Execution of the second wave is indeed a variety of problems. A number of convicted launched last legal remedy, among others lawsuit and Reconsideration. There was also a problem because one of the convicted, Rodrigo Gularte, it turns out people with mental disorders.

The government said the execution was to be delayed until the entire process is completely legal, but still insisted on going to run it. BBC

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