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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Olga Syahputra Died, already exist in the book "Lawh Mahfuz"

Unfinished journey (250)

(Part two hundred and fifty, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, March 29, 2015, 12:22 pm)

Olga Syahputra Died, already exist in the book "Lawh Mahfuz"

Human destiny as an artist Olga Syahputra already written in the book: "Lawh Mahfuz".

Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said: "Allaah has set all the destiny of all creatures from fifty thousand years before God created the heavens and the earth". (HR. Muslim, no. 2653).

"No misfortune can happen on earth and (nor) in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book (Lawh Mahfuz) before We bring it. Verily it is easy for Allah ". (QS. Al-Hadid: 22).

God ordained destiny three categories. Which according Ustad Abu Yahya Badussalam in tauziahnya suggests common destiny of God settled in the book "Lawh Mahfuz".

Then God commanded his angels to write the destiny of human life since the fetus is blown spirit at the age of 4 months and ten days.
While the third destiny God establishes annual destiny, namely the adoption Laylat al Qadr Night every night odd last 10 days of Ramadan, where the servants who worship at night to coincide closely with the reward of worship in 1000 months (80 years).
Fate in the form of death could not be stretched (postponed), either by the most clever doctor or hospital stethoscope even, however we as human nature remains obliged to seek treatment, recover or not we leave it to God almighty.
Is not it unfortunate that, as ill if we endure the pain blots and reward the families who are patient, unfortunate illness is also the love of God to his servant, to accelerate the doom in the form of pain, better wash away the pain in the world as a doom that only short compared a painful doom in hell and old.

Olga Syahputra Dies in Singapore

Liputan6.com, Singapore sad news back toward the entertainment world country. Olga Syahputra reportedly died at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, Friday (27/03/2015).

This news delivered directly by the Manager Olga Syahputra, Madame Vera via telephone with a private television station. Indonesian veteran comedian is breathed his last at 16:17 pm.

"Also mourning the death of Olga Syahputra pd pkl 16:17 #RipOlgaSyahputra Jkt time," wrote in one of the private television Twitter account.

Until now Olga Syahputra still in Singapore. Previous Mak Vera said the news of the death of Olga Syaputra officially coming out of his mouth.

The news is already busy discussed in the social world. Up to make it a conversation with the hashtag #RIPOlgaSyahputra world.

"Innalilahi wa inalilahi rojiun beloved mother passed away olga syahputra at 5:17 o'clock pm (Central European Time) on the day Friday. Ask for prayer for the beloved mother," said Madame VeraMakVeraZanobia via his official Twitter account.

Life Story of Olga Syahputra, From Fans To Presenter Famous

Back homeland entertainment world mourned. This time, the sad news came from the presenter and comedian Olga Syahputra that several months hospitalized Singapore. After a long time does not appear on the television screen, was born February 8, 1983 is reportedly died Friday afternoon yesterday.

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The journey to become a well-known for Olga was not easy. Prior to becoming a well-known presenter, he is just an ordinary person who came to the filming location for the sake of meeting his idol. Following the life of Olga Syahputra more.

1. Have the signature idol
The emergence of Olga in the locations filming at first only as a fan. Yoga Syahputra whose real name is just an ordinary person who also has the idol. One of them, dangdut singer Rita Sugiarto.

olga syahputra
olga syahputra
Not infrequently, the Java-blooded man Minang used to play to the set to ask for an autograph and a photo with his idol. Instead, now so many fans Olga who came over to ask for his autograph. Similarly, when they are social media flooded with condolences to Olga Syahputra.

2. Play Lenong boy
Before entering into a presenter, Olga never try his luck in acting. At that time, he was offered to play the movie Lenong boy. However, to be able to play in the film, he must undergo training in Studio Ananda. Olga had to sell a refrigerator-by can take a course in Studio Ananda.

Olga in Lenong boy
Olga in Lenong boy
While in the studio, Olga often come to play the movie though only get minor role. However, Olga struggles comparable with what he got. Not only successful play in Lenong boy, but brother Billy Syahputra also get bids filming The Marriage Hanging and Yoyo.

3. Assistant Rita Sugiarto
Who would have thought, Olga is so famous it turns out once he became assistant Rita Sugiarto. The singer Olga Two Chairs are recognized as being a fan who was eager to close. Therefore, Rita took Olga accompany her as a friend even a friend, not as an assistant.

Olga was once so Assistants
Olga was once so Assistants
In addition, Rita saw Olga as a highly diligent and helpful. One example, Olga often help lift the suitcase Rita of the car, although Rita never asked. "I don? T ever order this or that, he who diligently helped me. Her son diligently and selflessly help, "said Rita Sugiarto, quoted from Tempo.com.

4. So famous presenter
After playing the movie Married Hanging, Olga and start reaching a presenter on SCTV cravings with Jeremy Thomas. Shortly after that, he also joined the ABG Extravaganza. In fact, the man who claimed to idolize the figure of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was once joined together Ipank and Indy Barends nosy event that made his name became famous.

Olga and Raffi
Olga and Raffi
However, it can be said Olga career soared when he became a presenter Strikes together Raffi Ahmad and Luna Maya since 2008. They are not only seen as a colleague, but already as friends and relatives.

Although it has become a very famous person, Olga is still known as a humble and willing to share. Unfortunately, Olga funny and kind, but now are gone. He breathed his last at a hospital in Singapore.

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