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Friday, March 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia launches a military attack in Yemen, assisted Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt and Pakistan

Saudi Arabia launches a military attack in Yemen, assisted Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt and Pakistan

Saudi Arabia accused the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels were also Shia.
Saudi military launching an offensive operation against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, said the Saudi ambassador to the United States.
Saudi Ambassador to the US, Adel al-Jubeir, said his country was in action for the sake of 'defending the legitimate government' led by President Mansour Hadi Abdrabbuh.
The military operation involving air strikes, according to Al-Jubeir, starting on Thursday (26/03) at 23:00 GMT or 06.00 pm.
He said the operation was also supported a number of Gulf countries.
Saudi Arabia attack came just two days after Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin pleaded Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for military intervention. Application Yassin newspaper quoted Saudi Arabia, Asharq al-Awsat.

President Mansour Hadi Abdrabbuh trying to maintain his power to flee to Aden.
Conflict in Yemen occurred after Houthi rebel stronghold depose President Mansour Hadi Abdrabbuh. Hadi then attempt to maintain power by fleeing the capital Sanaa and set up a government center in the city of Aden.
Lunge the Houthis have aroused suspicion of Saudi Arabia that their action is supported by the Iranian government, which also Shia. However, both the Houthis and Iran dismissed the allegation.
However, there is concern that the Saudi military operations will trigger a new conflict that dragged Iran. BBC

CONFLICT BETWEEN YEMEN Yemeni Shiite to salafi
One of the local media in Yemen, Al Baidha 'News (23/10/2011) says that the Shia Al Khautsiyin conflict with the Dar Al-Hadith Dammaj had lasted several months. Shiites have hindered the Muslim community in Yemen who declare themselves as Salafis to meet their daily activities.

In the month of Ramadan and one of the leaders of this institution, Joseph San'ani also killed while leading the market in the city of Sa'dah. In April, some of the complex close to the center of Dammaj Salafi study is also controlled by the Khautsiyin and drive guards, without any fighting.

Jama'ah Khautsiyin itself has distributed leaflets stating that Yahya Al Hajjurri, a central figure in the educational institutions, has asked Saudi clerics to provide input to the Saudi government in order to attack Shiite Yemen.

In the leaflets were also mentioned that Al Hajjurri Dammaj invites residents to cancel the peace treaty with the Shiites. Al Hajjury himself denied that what is mentioned in the leaflet was a statement.

While Naba 'News (5/11/2011) Yemen local media also mentioned that Sheikh Muqbil Al Wadi'i not open the institution except after signing an agreement with Majduddin Sayyid Al Mua'yyidi, the main character Shiite Zaydiyyah, which places it became the center of scientific study that do not harm each other.

Chronological Attack

A blog Salafis who speak Indonesian, kaahil.worpress.com, released a chronology of the attack.

Shiite group that controls some mountainous regions around Darul Hadith since two years ago to blockade the Salafi education area. Governor Sha'dah trying to mediate the dispute between the Shia and the Salafis, but to no avail. The reason for the Shia ask the vacated area of ​​the Salafis. Obviously Salafis reject and will defend to the death.

A few days later, after the blockade was not immediately opened, Salafis in Darul Hadith began to lack of food. Shaykh Yahya began reading Qunut Nazilah God to destroy the Shiite group that surrounded them. Meanwhile both sides tense and waiting to start shooting each other.

Shaykh Muhammad Mani in Shana'a the Salafis also expressed its readiness to assist Darul Hadith to mobilize the students. The Salafi supporters began to be concentrated in cities Hasyid, Harodh, Ataq, and others to help Salafi Darul Hadith. However, because there was a ceasefire by the President of Yemen in Shana'a, they are still waiting for their leadership instruction. However, the Shiites provoke Darul Hadith by capturing one of the students Salafi.

7th Dzulhijjah Dhuhr time, Thursday, November 3rd, Shiites began firing Headquarters Darul Hadith. However, a new victim fell on Friday the next day of the Salafis. A student named Mu'adh al Abyani killed by a sniper bullet Shia. While it is rumored 7 Shiites reportedly shot and killed.

Sabtunya, the Day of Arafah, Sho'dah governor called for a ceasefire. However, cease only lasted a few hours. Four people were shot dead Shia. While the Salafi Piihak no.

Sunday, November 6, Eid al-Adha, Sho'dah government began firmly against Shiites. They bombard the group and reportedly killed 30 people angggotanya. They were clustered and bombed.

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