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Friday, May 1, 2015

8 execution on death row in Nusakambangan has been accomplished

8 execution on death row in Nusakambangan has been accomplished

Cilacap, - Attorney General Prasad confirms execution of eight death row in Nusakambangan have done according to procedure. Attorney General along with the Chief of Police has been reviewing the execution site.

"That was at 00:35 pm executions have been carried out, before I along with the Chief of Police to the site of executions carried out," said Attorney General Prasad told reporters at Pier Wijaya Pura, Cilacap, Wednesday (29/04/2015).

"We feel they have an obligation to provide information to the public about what we have done. I was with the police chief came here to assure that the execution of eight death row inmates have been completely carried out according to the procedures and regulations," said Prasetyo.

Prasetyo ensure all done well without a hitch. Although there are two death row inmate who was not executed because there are other legal proceedings ongoing.

"Everything has gone well without the slightest hindrance, thanks to the cooperation of all parties, including the prosecutor's Police, Army, BNN, religious and community leaders," said Prasetyo.

Of the eight death row inmates, four of which the last request was buried in their respective countries. Two in Australia, one in Brazil, and one in Nigeria. "While others are buried in Cilacap, another in Madiun and Bekasi. It was all their last request," explained Prasad.

"They are now shipped all, the four will be proceed to their respective countries. We are the hand-terimakan in Jakarta," he concluded.

Jakarta - Member of Commission III Arsul Sani surprised by the attitude of the government to delay the execution of Serge Areski Atlaoui as French citizens were being sued in the Administrative Court. According Arsul, Serge should immediately executed.

"The citizens of France have clearly he was arrested because he operated the largest drug factory. For me is very strange that the government postponed it the French citizens. The government should ask the administrative court to decide now. Si Hollande (French President Francois Hollande) why fear?" Arsul said after a discussion 'Dare KPU Breaking the Law' at Warung Daun, Cikini, Central Jakarta, Monday (27/04/2015).

According to the PPP politician, do not be afraid to France and Australia. "People we do not they really the same dependency (France and Australia)," said Arsul.

Arsul will be advised when a person sentenced to death Fiesta Filipina Mary Jane Veloso was postponed because of his status as a migrant worker who are victims of trafficking. But in fact the government did not delay the execution of Mary Jane.

"If France (Serge) was clearly her factory owner (drugs). It should be immediately executed it! Do not delay. If not executed as well I am going to protest loudly why not executed," he said.

9 dead convict will be executed. They are namely Andrew Chan (Australia), Myuran Sukumaran (Australia), Raheem Agbaje Salami (Nigeria), Zainal Abidin (Indonesia), Rodrigo Gularte (Brazil), Silvester Obiekwe Nwaolise alias Mustafa (Nigeria), Martin Anderson aka Belo (Ghana), Okwudili Oyatanze (Nigeria) and Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso (Philippines). Serge'm still waiting for its legal efforts in the Administrative Court.

Serge is a part of the building plot Benny Sudrajat drugs factory in Cikande, Tangerang, Banten. The world's third largest factory raided in 2005. Serge along with eight others were executed in that case.

Eight death row inmates have been executed in drug cases Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java, on Wednesday morning (29/04) while the convict from the Philippines postponed.
Convict Australians, Nigeria, Brazil, and Indonesia were executed by firing squad after the notification of execution issued at the weekend.
The convict filed various legal measures, including the President's decision to sue Joko Widodo who declined to give forgiveness.
Ahead of the execution, there was a dramatic development that makes the convict from the Philippines, Mary Jane Veloso, excluding those executed.
Information obtained BBC's team in Cilacap said Mary Jane Veloso stay of execution is at the request of the Philippine government, following the development of that person's surrender in the country and claimed Mary Jane Veloso just as drug couriers.
The convict was executed at Nusakambangan after midnight or early Wednesday (29/04).
The Government of Indonesia considers necessary for Mary Jane Veloso to testify in the trial in the Philippines.
Executions carried out despite the protests of the international community in recent times.
The Australian Government, which since the beginning of requesting the cancellation of executions, warned there would be consequences of this execution.
Attorney General HM Prasetyo said the Indonesian government did not want to open a dispute with another country, the execution is solely to prevent people smuggling or drug trafficking.
President Joko Widodo on various occasions said that Indonesia has experienced emergency drugs, where 18,000 people die every year due to this drug, while tens of thousands more menderia in rehabilitation centers.

This is the second round of executions carried out after January execution of six people, also in the case of drugs BBC

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