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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Taste the sweetness of faith.

The ride was not finished (284)

(Part two hundred and eighty-four, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, May 19, 2015, 14:28 pm)

Taste the sweetness of faith.

Ustad in tauziahnya in Radio Rodja Tuesday, May 19, 2015 menguttip a hadith, Prophet Muhammad said, there are three things a person would feel the sweetness of faith.
First, he loves Allah and His Messenger exceed besides the two, both menceintai someone solely because of Allah, the third, he vowed not want to go back Kufr (immoral).
Love Allah and His Messenger, exceeding besides both, indicated by the concerned, to carry out the commandments like those in Al Qur an and Al Hikmah (Sunnah / Hadith) and away from the whole prohibitions as mentioned in the Qur an and Hadith.
Loving God, we must practice God's commands in the pillars of Islam, first vowed say Laillahaillaulah Muhammad Rasul Allah (There is no god that must be worshiped except Allah, and Muhammad Rasul Allah), then carry out the obligations of prayer five times a day.
Prayer five times a very important and second most important pillars of Islam, is obligatory and, if abandoned, legal sinned a great sin.
Conversely when we carry out a large reward has been doubled and God.
This occurs when the event Isra (journey of the Prophet Muhammad from the Haram, Mecca to Baitul Maqdis / Aksa Mosque in Jerusalaem) and Mirad (Journey of the Prophet Muhammad from Baitul Maqdis / Aqsa Mosque to Sidratul Muntaha - seventh heaven) to receive God's direct command of the obligation praying five times.
But in this journey from heaven to one until the seventh heaven, before the Prophet Muhammad down to earth to bring this prayer command received advice from the Prophet Muhammad encountered, among others, the Prophet Moses.
Moses said to Muhammad, '' Ummmatmu will not be able to pray 50 times a day and night, you try to go back to Sindratul Muntaha requested waivers of God.
After the Prophet Muhammad fro meet God and again received the advice of the Prophet who had died then, finally get relief from Allah Muhammad lived obligations to only five prayers a day and night, yet still God gives the reward equivalent of 50 times.
How Grace of God to His creatures, especially humans are very spacious, very light duty, but pahalnya very large double.
Many other worship was also given the grace of God to reward doubled, as if we worship right on the night of Laylat al Qadr, which according to the Prophet Muhammad occurred on odd nights in the last ten days of Ramadan, the reward equivalent months in 1000 (82 years old), just imagine, whereas the age of the ummah of Prophet Muhammad rarely reach above 80 years.
Not to mention if we read Surah Al-Ikhlas, 10 times after our prayers and remembrance (forgiveness), because the word of the Prophet Muhammad read surah Al Ikhlas reward equal to 2/3 of the Qur'an we read, but reading the Quran stammering course we got two rewarded by one of the letters, and if we read it fluently, understand the meaning or meaning, Angel is with us pray that we go to heaven.
Prophet Muhammad also said anyone who ever read Al Ikhlas 10 times, then God will reward those who read palace in heaven.
We love someone because of God, we help our brothers sincerely for Allah, to visit our brothers longer sick because God and our brothers menyolatkan bodies for God.
The Prophet said anyone who drove his brother one purpose like her to the hospital when he was sick then God will give rewards merit as 1000 itikab in the mosque, and when we visit our relatives again ill, 50,000 angels with us pray that we have the grace of God ,
We also help our brothers with sadakoh on our brothers were again tested God with a disaster of poverty (hunger), because the word of the Prophet Muhammad, the wealth we have in fact that we sadakohkan (donation) in Allah's way, not only do we save it or just us watch, because if we die (die) just bring a piece of the shroud, while family and possessions left us, except the abandoned property in infakkan in Allah's way on behalf of our dead, which also continues to flow into the grave is the prayer of children pious, and useful knowledge.
Conversely, if we grabber / stingy / miser, God will make the treasure that we have it so rattlesnake ready menrkam us in hell, because griping and stingy / miser is one big sin.
The Prophet Muhammad in his saying, seiap dawn (morning) down two types of malailkat meet Man, a kind of prayer that God will change their fortune and multiply those who berinfak / sadakoh).
One other type of angel praying that God would destroy, or take back the treasure that had been given to the surrogate grabber / stingy.
Physically the bakil / stingy not feel the reduction in its property, but the blessing of God is taken back in the form of narrow-live (feel less continue / not quite hold in collecting treasure, and his wealth is not a blessing for his family life, even into the ballast weights sin in God in the hereafter.
That is why, the Prophet Muhammad in Isra Mirad dipelihatkan God of Heaven that the majority of the inhabitants of poor people who believe.
The Prophet Muhammad said distance reckoning the rich and the poor up to 500 years, because every penny that he gained in the world will be judged (asked).
Why the poor, because most people are poor, when he was tested God with poverty and hunger she patiently with faith.
While the rich, human kebnyakan when tested with a fortune he is not grateful, even arrogant and forget worship to God.
When poor diligent worship, prayer, fasting, when tested with the wealth he began arrogant to God, prayer lazy, lazy fasted, used his fortune to many adulterous, fornicating, miniman hard, drugs, smoking. And other immoral acts, and do grabber / stingy, either to his parents, his brother again stricken (poverty / illness) and lazy to help orphans and the poor widow.
The third category, he did not want to go back Kufr (immoral), kesyirikan do not want to go back (to the cemetery asking the dead, to the shaman, hunks / stingy, fornicate, but forged remarried his first wife's death, so that his work every day just menzolimi (cheat) first wife, said a meeting outside the city, in fact again Rapet to the young wife.
So leave it already works kufr, not again repeat immoral acts immediately repent to seek forgiveness at all times.
Prophet Muhammad said, he himself in a day istighfar 100 times, the Prophet who is already guaranteed to go to heaven without sin and seek forgiveness 100 times, moreover we were covered in sin.
Each child adam (man) must have sinned, except the Prophets and Messengers of God guarded from sinning, so that God as in his words and the words of the prophet loves those who repent Nasuha on deeds-vice.
The word Allah, Allah will forgive all sin beristighfar someone who, although of the earth and the sky.
Until the Prophet Muhammad said, God will destroy a people if none of them beristighfar, and will create the new ones that sinned and beristighfar on God.
That is why the whole charity one can not buy heaven, meaning that one can not rely on the whole charity solely in order to go to heaven, without the grace of God. God's grace is much greater than the entire charitable person.
Laillahaillaulah sentence (there is no god that must be worshiped except Allah), if we put in the scales right hand, and the seven heavens and the earth to the left, it would be much more severe sentence Tawheed scales.
That is in every reading prayers we pray to God that we got Grace and Hidayah of God, that we die in a state of khusnul khotimah (sin has been removed Allah), and avoided from the torment of the grave and the torment of hell, amen.

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