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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Foundation (the basics) Islam.

The ride was not finished (288)

(Part two hundred and eighty-eight, Depok, West Java, Indonesia, May 21, 2015, 19:21 pm)

Foundation (the basics) Islam.

Islam is built on five foundation (base). The first spoke the words of monotheism '' Laillahaillaulah, Muhammadarasullah "(There is no god who shall be worshiped except Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah), both uphold the prayer, pay zakat third, fourth fast during Ramadan, the fifth Pilgrimage / Umrah when able.
The fifth base is a unity, can not be separated from one another, like a house with five pole, then the pole is broken, it could tear down the house.
That is why when there is a question from a listener of Radio Rodja of East Nusa Tenggara who questioned whether the animals were slaughtered by someone claiming to be a Muslim, but not pray, then Ustad in tauziahnya at the things that are unclean and forbidden to eat, explained that prayer is obligatory for anyone who did leave (not pray), then some of the word of God and the Hadiths of the Prophet explained that the boundaries between people who left prayers and infidelity and infidelity is very thin, and could fall on disbelief, because this description who slaughter animals for slaughter but do not pray, could fall haraam. However, this occurs a difference between the scholars, others assume, someone who never utter the sentence above is categorized Tawheed Islamic religion and when he was in the slaughter reading Bismillahirohmanirrohim (In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate and Merciful), then the meat is not legitimate and illegitimate , he left the matter of prayer, it is a big sin that is borne in question on the day of reckoning (hereafter). Moreover, Allah warns human affairs with God first in Reckoning (asked) is a matter of prayer, when prayer is good, then the other deeds are also good.
However, we must be careful in leaving the prayer and memorial prayer, because prayer is not this prevent us from indecency and evil. A lot of experience we are living in the world, if we are not accustomed from childhood prayers, and had a great hang out with friends who are not fellow believers (Muslims), we can truly become kafir (apostate / if we affected the temptation of Satan to exit of Islam, embraced the teachings of shirk. There are so many stories from my friends, who had had a family background and strong tribal Islam, as a husband, son, brother, sister, uncle of childhood is not accustomed to prayer and nurtured a love of Allah and His Messenger through prayer, the faith which is thin at times can be derailed devil, to be with the devil in hell, with faith and convert to shirk.
Though God will forgive all the sins of his servants, except shirk (associating partners with God / two-timing the Lord, accusing God the Son and the like).
Even a lot of verse in the Quran and Hadith that warns people to stay clear shirk and even God also warns people have irregularities interpretation (Embezzlement book of God before) one example of lowering the Surah Maryam Allah and Al-Ikhlas who denies that Jesus is the Son of God , Jesus was a human being and just as the Apostle of Allah as God's messenger to another.
It's just that the process of creation, the birth of Prophet Jesus through the process of blowing the spirit in the womb of Mary by God, not the fertilization process of seed.
This is to prove in humans would be the power of God, if God wills (Kun Fa Yakun) then so be it. Excessive cult of followers of Jesus is what then makes Jesus the Son of God as shirk. (What they believe this kesyirikan if not immediately repent, while lives have not reached the throat), that God's grace can not be at risk of torture in hell.

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