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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Most favorite tourist places in Indonesia.

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(Part three hundred and seventy-seven), Depok, West Java, Indonesia, September 27, 2015, 1:32 pm).

Most favorite tourist places in Indonesia.

In addition to the island of Bali, Indonesia appears to have the charm of the beautiful tourist sites and even much more beautiful and very worth to visit and will never be forgotten for tourists who have never visited, among others:
Marine Park Raja Ampat, Papua For the divers and lovers of the underwater world park, is a diving paradise that presents a wealth of marine life is amazing. One of the most famous attractions Raja Ampat marine park. This area is referred to as the Coral Reef Paradise or the paradise of coral reefs by divers of the world. Location Attractions Raja Ampat marine park is located in West Papua.

Raja Ampat is a new district of the division wilaya district wide slide with 4.6 million hectares. Approximately 85% of the total area of the ocean, while the remainder is a group of islands and coral atolls some 610 islands. Of the hundreds of islands reed only 35 islands are inhabited by indigenous people.

Raja Ampat Islands are not only regarded as the object of Nature Indonesia in the form of the largest marine park in Indonesia, but also believed to have a wealth of marine life in the world. Reveal panoramic Attractions Raja Ampat marine park began when a Dutch national master diver named Maxx Ammer visited the region in 1990.

Attractions Raja Ampat marine park is an area of coral reefs with a wealth of marine life in the world, has at least 1300 species of fish, 600 species of coral and 700 species of mussels, not to mention the various types of turtles, algae and jellyfish. The greatest wealth throughout the world coral triangle area, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Given the breadth of aquatic attractions Papua Raja Ampat marine park and a rich variety of marine life, then you can choose a point to start the dive. Around the island of Kri, you can see the beauty of coral reefs and many species of fish which is amazing, including the types of Queensland grouper, pompano, snapper, grouper, reef sharks, tuna, napoeleon wrasse, barracuda, and giant trevelly.

Other dive spots in Marine Park Attractions Raja Ampat Papua is in Sardine Reef with a depth of about 10 meters. This place serves a variety of fish including parrotfish which have brilliant colors. If you want to try the sensation of being in a rock tunnel, you can dive around the islands Kaboei Bay Rock. There are a cove beneath a rock tunnel. Kaboei Bay Rock also found coral caves inhabited by bats ole, and in some places are found remains of human bones.

There are many other dive spots in Attractions Papua Raja Ampat Marine Park you can explore, such as The Passage, Fam Island, and the island of Misool. Besides enjoying the wealth of marine life, you can also enjoy the historical sites under the sea, including warships and combat aircraft that sank in waters Attractions Papua Raja Ampat marine park. Not only that, you also can enjoy the beauty of the islands region Attractions Papua Raja Ampat marine park in a state of pristine, lagoon, and the bay is still protected, has a stretch of stunning beaches and crystal clear sea water.

You are interested in visiting attractions Papua Raja Ampat marine park can be departed from Jakarta or other big cities to the Domine Eduard Osok, Sorong, West Papua. Flights from Jakarta to Sorong usually transit in Makassar or Manado. From Domine Eduard Osok, you can immediately proceed to attractions Raja Ampat marine park with a bunch of fast boats berkafasitas 10 people at a cost of approximately USD 3.2 million each way for 4 hours.

No special ticket to enter the water area attractions Raja Ampat marine park. However, the cost to rent a motor boat, equipment divers and instructors ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah in one dive. Diving process is usually carried out many times to enjoy the dive spots are different. Therefore, it is advisable divers flocking to suppress the amount of expenditure which is relatively expensive.

Regional attractions Papua Raja Ampat marine park, you can obtain sufficient facilities exist in some resorts, such as on the island of Kri, Waigeo, Mansuar, and Misool. Some resorts set the price is relatively expensive because it presents a complete facility. If you come with a lower budget, the government-owned resort could be an option.

Another alternative to enjoy the attractions Papua Raja Ampat marine park is by choosing to stay on the boat with the hired boat Pinisi which has been modified specifically for diving activities a few days. The ship has kafasitas maximum of 14 people at a cost of about 90 million to 110 million for a cruise for a week.

Underwater paradise

As one of the first marine park in the world, the beauty of the underwater world of Bunaken, Manado North Sulawesi are well known in the international community, especially for scuba divers. In fact, in 2005, Bunaken has become a world heritage site after the Indonesian government to register Bunaken to UNESCO. With an area of approximately 75 625 hectares, diving enthusiasts are spoiled by the many dive spot. Bunaken Marine Park has a 20 point dive spot, 12 of whom are on the island of Bunaken. Number of dive spots could possibly increase along with the number of divers exploring the underwater beauty of Bunaken.
Of the 20 point dive spot, the most favorite amongst others in Home Village, Lekuan, Fukui Point, Mandolin ponit and East Bunaken. The divers who frequently visit the Bunaken dive spot has a different favorite. For example, the diver who likes to dive spot sharks have different favorite with divers who love looking for manta rays. Underwater photographers happy looking seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish, and other macro photograph objects that exist under the sea.

The level of visibility in the water reaches 20 meters, sometimes, when I'm good level of visibility can reach 35 meters. You can see the beauty of the coral reefs of Bunaken Marine Park, which is one of the best in the world. There are approximately 390 species of colorful coral reef is amazing. Berlekak-dent unique shape with cracks up to a small cave or tunnel under the sea that may not be found in other places.

Derawan island located in the archipelago of Derawan, Derawan districts, counties berau, North Borneo, unit Derawan island morphology is bertopografi flat coastal plain. Sand beach has a slope of about 7 ° - 11 ° with a width of 13.5 to 20 meters.

In the surrounding waters are a marine park and famous as a tourist diving (diving) with a depth of about five meters. There is a wide range of marine life here, such as squid (cuttlefish), lobsters, fish pipe (ghostpipe fish), octopus (bluering octopus), nudibranchs, sea horses (seahorses), eel ribbon (ribbon eels) and fish skorpion (Scorpionfishes ).

On a rock at a depth of ten meters, there is a reef known as the "blue wall trigger" because the reef with a length of 18 meters is a lot of trigger fish (red-toothed trigger fishes).

Derawan is An island with sea-colored shades of blue and green views, white sand soft, rows of palm trees on the coast, with a small forest in the middle of the island which is the habitat of various species of plants and animals and the natural beauty of the bottom breathtaking ocean. Do not be surprised if this island could top ranks third as a world class diving destination and make this island a dream island for divers.

Around the island Derawan, as many as 28 point dive has been identified. To explore all this point at least it takes about 10 days with one dive at each point. To move from one point to another, visitors can use the ships. Meanwhile, visitors can also explore the island on foot.

Dr. Carden Wallace of tropical museum queensland, australia has examined the marine wealth of the island Derawan and found more than 50 kinds of arcropora (marine animals) in a coral reef. No one seems if Derawan island is famous as the third highest in the world as an international dive destination.

Coral reefs in the archipelago of Derawan widespread in the whole island and charred in Derawan archipelago. Hirst-footed in these islands include Long Island charred, scorched masimbung, charred buliulin, pinaka charred, scorched and charred tababinga muaras.

Reef type in Derawan archipelago consists of fringing, barrier reefs and atolls. This atoll that has been formed into the island and formed into a saltwater lake. "Manta tow survey 2003" shows an average cover of coral reefs in the long island is 24.25% to 34.88 for hard corals and reef life. Coral reefs in the island Derawan has an average coral cover of hard corals 17.41% and 27.78% live coral cover. With the number of species 460 to 470 suggests that this be a wealth of biodiversity second after Raja Ampat archipelago.

Coral Reef main areas:

length of the western part of the island (inlet and channel)
muaras with a high diversity of coral, coral healthy and aesthetic value
malalungun coral, high diversity with a complex structure with a variety of habitats
large coral-rich habitats
Reef fish survey in 2003 showed that this island produces 832 species. In addition, it is estimated there are at least 1,051 species in the waters berau with gobes dominant species (Gobiidae), wrasses (Labridae), and damselfishes (Pomacentridae).

Sometimes when sitting at the end of the wooden bridge that leads to the sea, we can see the green turtles and fro on the surface of the clear water. When diving we also accompanied the turtles that swim around us. Occasionally even the turtles that seem to roam around the cottage is located on the coast of the island. At nightfall, some turtles climbed ashore and lay their eggs there.

Visitors can also review the other islands around Derawan. For example: Charitable Island, Maratua, and kakaban island that has its own uniqueness. Blue stingray (manta rays) which has reached 3.5 meters wide population on the island of Charitable. In fact, can also be found-if lucky enough, black stingray with wide "wingspan" 6 meters. While the island has a unique kakaban the form of a prehistoric lake in the middle of the sea, the only one in Asia.

Typical and protected species that can be found among the coconut crabs (Birgus latro), whales, dolphins (Delphinus), green turtle (Chelonia mydas), hawksbill (erethmochelys fimbriata), and dugong (Dugong dugon). Coconut crabs can be found on the island kakaban and Maratua. Pope can be found around the island Maratua in a particular season, while dolphins around the island Semama, Charitable, kakaban, Maratua, and charred muaras.

Turtles can be found around Long Island, Derawan, Semama, Charitable and Maratua and dugongs in Long Island and Semama. Another unique species of manta rays (manta birostris) located on the island of Charitable and pigmy seahorse on the island Semama and Derawan.

Facilities And Accommodation
Derawan provide facilities such as cottages, dive gear, speedboats and restaurants. Derawan island also provide accommodation that is not too expensive which is managed by the locals.

These houses are simple juts nearly 100 meters into the sea to make the inhabitants can freely see a variety of colorful fish and turtles passing freely without disturbing anyone. The food menu is very simple with a dominant main menu of sea fish and canned food certainly does not detract from the enjoyment atmosphere day and night on this island.

To get to the island Derawan, tourists can fly for approximately 3 hours to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, by plane from Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Denpasar.

From Aberdeen, still have to fly to Cape Redeb dive one hour by plane, KAL Star, Deraya or DAS. In addition, Cape Redeb can also be reached by sea, with boarding from Samarinda, the capital of East Kalimantan Tarakan, the capital of North Borneo to Cape Redeb followed by renting a motorboat.

Travel to the island of Lombok.
Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (population in 2001: 2,722,123 inhabitants) is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara are separated by the Lombok Strait of Bali in Sebelat Alas Strait in the west and east of Sumbawa. The island is approximately spherical with a sort of "tail" on the southwest side of a length of approximately 70 km. This island area reaching 5,435 km², placing it ranks 108 out of the list of islands is based on the extent of the world. The main town on the island is Mataram.

Lombok Island is famous for its natural beauty of the exotic and fascinating. Lombok island not only has three Gili islands. In addition to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Lombok island still has some dyke equally beautiful. One only Gili Kondo located east of the island of Lombok.

Lombok Island has now become one of the icons of Indonesian tourism, beauty of the island is second to none in Indonesia, hospitality Sasak people, beauty of beaches that are very white, coral reefs and biological richness the extraordinary, splendor of Mount Rinjani and cultural uniqueness Sasak many invites admiration domestic and foreign tourists.

The beauty of the island of Lombok and eksotismenya will invite you and your partner for a honeymoon here. Likewise with Exotisme Gilis Island will also invite you to enjoy the beauty of the island.

This island is one of the two largest islands owned by the Province of West Nusa Tenggara. The beauty of the landscape, making the island of Lombok to be one honeymoon destination which is also desirable. When you have to know where the feet should be stepped up, the beauty of Lombok can be explored on this trip.

With beaches beautifully magical, majestic Mt Rinjani and spectacular marine life to discover, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara has many tourist destinations both on land and at sea. No wonder then that is the most popular destinations in West Nusa Tenggara.

Just visit here to feel the surf big waves on the south coast. Challenge your guts to climb the top of the volcano. Hire a bike and a motorbike to get around in the streets along the paddy fields. Anywhere you want meghabiskan time, you will not be disappointed with the spectacular natural beauty here.

Other visitors to Lombok choose to spend their time on the island of Gili-Gili, a secluded tropical island with beaches are magnificent and luxurious surroundings.

The original inhabitants of Lombok are Sasak, Lombok is also home to the Hindu people of Bali and also a number of Chinese, Javanese, Bugis and Arabs.

Some people Sasak embraced the Islamic faith Wektu telu didefinisikann as "Islam three times" referring to their prayers three times a day and different with Muslims who pray 5 times a day. Wektu telu is a unique religion that incorporates ancient traditions and Islamic beliefs, these beliefs are found only in North Lombok. Those who undergo this belief are Muslims but at the same time undergo traditional rituals. Examples such as Nyiu ceremony held after one hundred days someone dies. Families of people who died presents like clothes, toothbrushes and food so that the dead person will be calm in heaven.

Other religious festivals celebrated at the beginning of the rainy season (October to December) or the harvest season (April-May) with celebrations in villages all over the island.

Sasak culture is very important for the strength and physical skills and a lot of local customs mereflesika this culture. Peresehan is a local tradition that combines the fight between the two men who used a long cane and a small shield-shaped cage bujung of cowhide.

Music and dance are very important in Sasak culture. Danced a traditional dance during important ceremonies. This dance originated from war dance, such as Beleq drum (big drum) until Cupak Gerantang popular that tells the story of love and romance.
Visit the unique Pura Lingsar, a combination of Balinese Hindu temples and beliefs Wektu telu in one complex.
Around and shopped in the market Surandi city skyline. There are some lovely picnic spots to relax and rest.

Test your luck with a visit to the racetrack in the field Salakalas. The race is held every Sunday. Watch the young jockeys in a tight competition to the finish line where the winner will memberika smile victor. This race is very important so the night before the race, the villagers will massage their horses, and occasionally plays gamelan music to calm horses.

Challenge your guts to climb the heights of Mount Rinjani. At an altitude of over 3,700 meters above sea level, this majestic volcanic mountain climbing will take at least three days and is not recommended for people with heart disorders. Once the peaks of fatigue you will be paid by the natural landscape Indonesia remarkable.

Feel the sand on the soles of your feet and swim in the sparkling coastal water in the South Kuta Lombok. White sand and spectacular ocean views here make this place as a tourist destination usual curved. Visit Nyale Fishing Kuta during the annual festival, usually held in February or March and enjoy the celebration and procession in color.

Sunbathing and surfing on beautiful beaches of Batu Bolong. This beach takes its name from the large stones with holes in the middle. Make sure you feel unusually beautiful sunset when the sun began to sink in Mount Agung Bali with incredible flaming colors.

Learn about local history and visit Meruya Water Palace in Mataram, capital city of Lombok. This place was built in 1744 and formerly was a bloody war between the Netherlands and residents of Bali in the late 19th century.

Experience the tranquility of the largest temple Lombok, Pura Meru, located behind the Water Park. The temple, which for centuries was dedicated to the Hindu Trimurti of Brahma, Vhisnu, and Shiva.
Location to travel by plane can be taken from Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Bali, to the city of Mataram.
Bukit Tinggi
A. Overview

City of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra is a historical city, town birthplace of the three great heroes of Indonesia, and also a city with a charming tourist exoticism. Bukittingggi have all the criteria to become a tourist targets for the visitors. In the city that made December 17 as the anniversary of this there is the Clock Tower which is a landmark of the city, a relic of colonial history and museums Minangkabau culture and Bung Hatta Palace.

Administratively Bukittinggi already begun to form in the Dutch colonial era. Dutch made Bukittinggi as Gemeentelijk Resort or some municipalities based Gazette in 1828 along with 32 other Gemeentelijk Resort in Indonesia. This status makes Bukittinggi when it already has Gemeenteroad or the autonomous government of the majority must be controlled by the Dutch. In Singapore also established a fortress named "Fort De Kock". The fort is still intact and serve as one of the attractions of history. The city is also used by the Dutch officers who are in the eastern colonies to rest.

During the Japanese occupation, Bukittinggi renamed from Fort de Kock Taddsgemente be Bukittinggi Si Yaku Sho with the addition of what is now the Agam District. Japan also established a radio transmitter largest island of Sumatra for the sake of propaganda. Also according to the local government, the Japanese also make Singapore as the 25th military command for control of military forces in Sumatra, Singapore to Thailand.

After Indonesia's independence, Bukittinggi never serve as the central defensive struggle for independence. Even in December 1948 until June 1949, London was used as the capital of Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI) led by Mr. Sjafroedin Prawiranegara. The decision was issued by the President after the Yogyakarta fell into the hands of the Netherlands as a result of military aggression II. After that Bukittingti designated as the capital of Sumatra, and in 1959 made the capital of Central Sumatra. After the development of West Sumatra, Bukittinggi serve as the capital of West Sumatra before finally in 1978 was transferred to the city of Padang.

Bukittinggi extensive reach around 250,239 km2 consisting of hills and valleys. The hills are located in New York City is a series of mountain chain belt. On the side of the hill, the city is also surrounded by tida mountain is Mount Merapi, Mount Singgalang, and Mount Sago. The existence of three mountains is why New York City is also known as the City Tri Arga. Configuration geographical location Bukittinggi hilly and there is above 900 m asl (above sea level), making the air in New York City and cool.

B. Features
Tourism potential of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra in the calculation of local government, accounted for nearly 30% of total revenue (Regional Original Revenue). It is certainly not surprising, because the potential for tourism in the city is relatively complete. Nature tourism Bukittinggi object supported by the presence of hills that surround the city. Typical atmosphere of the mountains with the cool air makes Bukittinggi could be a stress release for tourists. Green expanse of the landscape of the hill is also very suitable for photography lovers targets. The beauty of the eye can be eaten when tourists were in the valley town.

As one of the centers of Minangkabau culture, Bukittinggi present prototypes of Minangkabau culture. Custom homes, pakaiaan, language to the typical cuisine can be found in Bukittinggi. In almost every corner, Bukittinggi present gadang houses typical Minangkabau culture. The houses are neatly lined with buffalo horn shaped roofs. In these houses, tourists can also enjoy the carvings patterned Minangkabau listed in the walls of the house. Locals still use traditional Minangkabau everyday clothes.

The atmosphere of the morning in the town of Bukittinggi also feels special. Sunrice scenery with blue sky still shy combined with the silhouette of the hills are very suitable to be used as a display. Such sights can be targeted from all directions of the compass. At night, especially when there is a celebration, color flickering lights and fireworks prevalent in the city of Bukittinggi.
Another feature that can be found tourists in Bukittinggi is located near natural attractions Sianok canyon. Distance Bukittinggi with Sianok canyon can be reached by land for approximately three hours. On the way visitors can also stop by to enjoy the attractions of the Clock Tower, a bastion Ford de Kock, as well as caves Japanese colonial heritage. Not to forget, another feature of Bukittinggi are the way to the objects that winding. In Bukittinggi known or Curved corner 44 ampek twenty ampek to get to Lake Maninjau. Travelling round the corner will provide another sensation, especially for tourists who love to drive.

C. Location
City of Bukittinggi is one municipality located in the province of West Sumatra. Geographically, it is located at 100.210 to 100.250 degrees east longitude and between 00 760 - 00.190 LS. If the pull of the West Sumatra capital of Padang, Bukittinggi is located approximately 90 km to the Northeast.

D. Access
Access to the city of London can be reached from many cities in West Sumatra. When using a landline, tourists can use cross-Sumatra road that stretches from Lampung province to NAD. Medium, for tourists who use the air route, tourists can use the point of dismissal in Padang for further seeked Army. As for visiting the various attractions in Bukittinggi tourists can use various modes of public transportation are available uniformly in Bukittinggi

E. Accommodation and Other Facilities
To support the tourism sector is currently in London there are 43 pieces of both star and budget hotel plus 11 mes / guest house / cottage. The existence of such accommodation is also to support the role of Singapore as a home base for tourism in West Sumatra province.

As for the restaurant and the restaurant, in London available restaurants and restaurants, especially in the region, Los Lambuang. In this area, visitors can pamper their taste buds with the typical food Minangkabau. Not far from the area of Los Lambuang, and close to attractions, several travel agencies are also ready to serve tourists trip. Medium affairs and souvenir shopping, in the area of Los Lambuang also offers a variety of souvenirs and souvenirs from Bukittinggi.

Did you know that in Bandung so many attractions that can be visited and very appealing. So next time if we go to Bandung try to stop by the existing tourist attractions below:

Tourist attractions in Bandung City:

Gedung Sate Bandung and Gasibu
Struggle Monument - Jl. Dipatiukur
Bandung Zoo - Jl. Castle
Bandung Institute of Technology - Jl. Ganesha
Taman Ganesha - Jl. Ganesha
Park Traffic - Jl. Sumatra
Elderly park - Jl. Cisangkuy
Government Office Park Bandung
Tempo Doeloe Bandung - Jl. Braga
Shopping Center Jl. Cihampelas
Museum Pos Indonesia - Jl. Cisanggarung.
Mandala Museum Wangsit Siliwangi
Museum of Asian-African Conference
Square and Grand Mosque - Jl. Asia Africa
Museum Sri Baguda - Jl. South Rim
Tourist spots in North Bandung:

Curug Dago - Terminal Dago
Forest Park Dago Pakar Cave and the Netherlands / Japan
Curug Omas - Garden Maribaya
Arena Fishing Bonita - Lembang
Binoculars Boscha Star - Lembang
Traditional Market - Lembang
Giri Jaya Forest Park - Lembang
Campgrounds Cikole
Kawah Ratu - Tangkuban Perahu
Upas - Tangkuban Perahu
Kawah Domas - Tangkuban Perahu
Tea Plantation Subang - West Java
Ciater Hot Springs
Flower Garden Cihideung - Jl. Sergeant Bajuri
Spirit Camp; Sahabat Alam - Jl. Sergeant Bajuri
Curug Cimahi - Cisarua
Tourist spots in South Bandung:

Kawah Putih - Ciwidey
Campgrounds Rancaupas - Ciwidey
Thermal Baths Ciwalini - Ciwidey
Tea Plantation Rancabali - Ciwidey
Tea Plantation Gambung - Ciwidey
Situ Patengan - Ciwidey
There Cipanunjang - PANGALENGAN
Site Gunungpadang - West Java
Crater Kamojang - Paseh West Java
Tourist attractions in Bandung West:

Shoes and Bags Cibaduyut center
Limestone hills - Padalarang
Reservoir Ciburuy - Padalarang
Saguling - West Java
Baths Cipanas - West Java
Pawon cave - West Java
Sang Hyang Tikoro - West Java
Tourist attractions in East Bandung:

Nature Mountains Manglayang
Curug Cinulang - Cicalengka
Crater Kamojang
Cangkuang Temple and Kampung Pulo - Garut
Bagendit - Garut

Special Region of Yogyakarta is a major tourist destination in Java, Indonesia, with a lot of charm that has not been revealed.

A thousand years ago, Yogyakarta was the center of ancient Mataram kingdom prosperous and has a high civilization. This kingdom who founded the temple Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world, 300 years before Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Another relic temple Prambanan Temple, Istana Ratu Boko Palace, and dozens of other temples have been restored or are still buried under the ground (see Wisata Candi).

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