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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The devil has deceived humans with pleasure.

The ride was not finished (327)

 (Part three hundred and twenty-seven), Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 30 July 2015, 14:52 pm)

The devil has deceived humans with pleasure.

One way to follow the devil so many followers that they are equally demons living in Hell, is deceiving man with pleasure of the world, so forget about the man that it is a sin that can aggravate the scales of sin in the hereafter.
One example, is living at home (between men with women who are not married individuals / her).
It's a lot going on in the community, both among students, student, students or workers, it is not impossible they do relationships (sex) married couple living together during the (free sex).
We see drinking wine (intoxicating liquor) sold freely everywhere, so that the perpetrators can be drunk unknowingly commit adultery with her partner (boyfriend).
It is rather difficult for parents today to forbid their children to avoid approaching zina, because if we are too strict ban it, even we can not be fooled by the bride or the groom.
I have a cousin, married to a man, they marry a Muslim, but when it invited him to her husband's hometown when I visited the city where they stay turned my aunt who has had five children had been adhered to the religion of origin of the husband (religion kesyirikan / associating partners with God), even on the walls of many statues of their Lord on display, in addition to routinely done kesyirikan religious events in their homes,
There are neighbors, very strict in keeping his son, so that is not too strictly supervised their parents, their children to college (school) in another city far away, suddenly his son came to his parents with a prospective husband also religious kesyirikan), then because the parents are hard (fanatic) prospective husband should convert to Islam before marrying (mating) with his son.
It later the couple married in Islam, but because the wife stayed at her parents, and her husband live outside the city distant, very difficult to monitor in-law's how religious behavior, let alone he had converted to Islam, and the whole family of the man kesyirikan religion.
The important thing we watch closely, not too hard prohibit besides always prayed to God to give protection, faith and piety, and we all should soon repent (ask Ampun) on God for all the sins we have committed.
Every human being (adam child) said the Prophet Muhammad must have sinned, and God will forgive all our sins, if we want to repent. And regretting that sin by consistently implementing the pillars of Islam and multiply good deeds.
Remember the human task as a vicegerent on earth is to worship God, to be saved in the eternal life in the hereafter.
Do not be deceived by the life of this temporal world (not over 100 years old) World sight of Allah is worth no more than the wing of a mosquito, and even more despicable than the carcass of a blind kid (Hadith / Sunnah / al-wisdom).

Caution zina great sin

Ustadz Isma'il Abu Muslim al-Atsari

Zina is a major sin and including akbarul kabâir (major sins greatest) after shirk and murder. Allah Almighty says:

والذين لا يدعون مع الله إلها آخر ولا يقتلون النفس التي حرم الله إلا بالحق ولا يزنون ومن يفعل ذلك يلق أثاما

And those who do not beribarah to other god along with Allah and do not kill such life as Allah (kill) except with (reason) is true, and do not commit adultery, those who practice such that, surely he gets (retaliation) sin (her ). [Al-Furqan / 25: 68]

In this verse, Allah Almighty to shirk combine adultery and murder. And Allah Almighty make replies it is humiliating torment double again, as long as the perpetrators do not repent and do good deeds.

To convey the content of this verse, narrated in Saheeh hadith:

عن عبد الله رضي الله عنه قال سألت أو سئل رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أي الذنب عند الله أكبر قال أن تجعل لله ندا وهو خلقك قلت ثم أي قال ثم أن تقتل ولدك خشية أن يطعم معك قلت ثم أي قال أن تزاني بحليلة جارك قال ونزلت هذه الآية تصديقا لقول رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم {والذين لا يدعون مع الله إلها آخر ولا يقتلون النفس التي حرم الله إلا بالحق ولا يزنون}

Abdullah (bin Mas'ud) radi anhu, he said: I asked, or the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam asked,' Sin is the greatest in the hand of God? ' He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied, "You made a match for Allah, while He has created you (without partner)." I asked, "Then what?" He sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam replied: "You kill your children because you fear he eats with you. "I asked," Then what? "He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied:" You committed adultery with the wife of your neighbor. "And this verse came to justify the words of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam:

والذين لا يدعون مع الله إلها آخر ولا يقتلون النفس التي حرم الله إلا بالحق ولا يزنون

And those who do not worship any other God along with Allah and do not slay such life as Allah (kill) except with (reason) is true, and do not commit adultery. (Al-Furqan / 25: 68) [HR. Bukhari, no. 4483]

Allah Almighty also says:

ولا تقربوا الزنا إنه كان فاحشة وساء سبيلا

And do not approach adultery; Indeed adultery was a heinous act and an evil way. [Al-Isra '/ 17: 32]

In this verse Allah Almighty to preach the cruel fornication. Is a vile ugliness that has reached its peak, so cruel that something has definitely conceivably. Then Allah Almighty also reported as a result of adultery among human society, namely adultery is a bad road. Because adultery is a path of destruction and poverty in the world as well as the torture and humiliation in the hereafter.

Therefore, the danger is very great yag of adultery, all religions forbid the Prophets agree, and punishment in this world and the hereafter very powerful.

The term includes all fornication adultery, which is punished either had or were not exposed to punishment had, such as adultery eye is seeing a woman who is not lawful visits and so on. But adultery in terms of shari'ah is fornication is punishable had.

Cleric Hanafiyya provide understanding adultery with, "The deeds of men who have intercourse with women in qubulnya (cock), which is not his (her) or the like it (female slave).

Ulama Malikiyah provide understanding adultery with, "The deeds of men mukallaf (baligh) Muslim intercourse with human genitalia, which was not hers (his wife), without doubtful (vagueness), on purpose."

Cleric syafi'iyah provide understanding adultery with, "Insert the tip of the male genitalia or pubic its size in the forbidden because dzatnya, favored by nature, without doubtful (vagueness)."

While Ulama Hanabilah provide understanding adultery with, "Doing indecency on the genitals or anus". [See: al-Mausû'at al-Fiqhiyyah al-Kuwaitiyah, 24/18]

All fornication is a major sin, but sin is different levels in accordance with the circumstances. Zina with a mahram or married woman greater sin than with a non-mahram woman or a virgin. Adultery with his neighbor's bigger than apart neighbors.

Cruel fornication also be known of had (punishment) that Allah Almighty set for this crime. Allah Almighty says:

الزانية والزاني فاجلدوا كل واحد منهما مائة جلدة ولا تأخذكم بهما رأفة في دين الله إن كنتم تؤمنون بالله واليوم الآخر وليشهد عذابهما طائفة من المؤمنين

Adulterous women and men who commit adultery, then deralah each one of them a hundred times flagellation, and do mercy to both prevent you to (run) the religion of Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day, and let (implementation ) their punishment be witnessed by a group of people who believe. [Al-Nur / 24: 2]

This is an unmarried adulterer had. The adulterer had married and never with his wife, then with stoned (stoned) stoned to death.

عن عبادة بن الصامت قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم خذوا عني خذوا عني قد جعل الله لهن سبيلا البكر بالبكر جلد مائة ونفي سنة والثيب بالثيب جلد مائة والرجم

From 'Ubadah bin ash-Saamit, he said, the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said, "Take me, take me, indeed Allah has made for the road (rules) for them: bikr (unmarried) -if berzina- with people who are not married, whipped 100 times and exiled a year. Tsayib (married people) -if berzina- with people who are married, whipped 100 times and stoning. [HR. Muslim, no. 1690; and others]

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam' real Allâh has made to the way (rules) for them ', is a cue to the word of Allah Almighty the letter an-Nisa' verse 15.

And the scholars have ijma 'about 100 times dera liability for unmarried adulterers, and stoning for married adulterers.

But the scholars have different opinions about flogging for married adulterers. A group of Ulama argue, must be combined between flagellation and stoning. However jumhur scholars 'opinion, which shall only stoning, based on the actions of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam who perform the stoning against Mâ'iz and tribal women Ghamidi by without doing flagellation.

As for the 'exiled one year':
1. Imam Shafi'i and jumhur argue the necessity of alienating one year for adulterers male or female.

2. al-Hasan argues, is not mandatory exiled.

3. Imam Malik and al-Auza'i said, "There is no exile for women". Because a woman is nakedness, and it wasted it and deliver them to fitnah (catastrophe). Therefore women bersafar prohibited except with a mahram.

"People who are not married (if fornicate) with unmarried people, married people (if fornicate) with a married person", it is not a requirement, but the punishment for an unmarried adulterer is flogging and exile, both he fornicated with people who are unmarried or married. And the punishment for married adulterers are stoned, whether he fornicated with people who are married or unmarried.

And what is meant by bikr are men or women who have never berjima 'with a valid marriage, and he is a free man, puberty, and understanding. And what is meant by tsayib are people who never did jima 'although once in a valid marriage. And he baligh person, intelligent, and independent. Men and women alike in this respect. Likewise, Muslims, pagans, people are smart or stupid. Allaah knows best. [Summarized from Sharh Muslim, no. 1690, by Imam Nawawi]

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also warned his companions that adultery will cause various disasters and diseases. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

لم تظهر الفاحشة في قوم قط حتى يعلنوا بها إلا فشا فيهم الطاعون والأوجاع التي لم تكن مضت في أسلافهم الذين مضوا

It is not lewdness (adultery) is done on a community openly, but would spread the plague tho'un (deadly disease) and other diseases that do not exist in those first who have passed. [HR. Ibn Majah, no: 4019; al-Bazzar; Bayhaqi; from Ibn Umar. Classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Albani in ash-Shahîhah, no: 106; Saheeh at-targhib wat tarhib, no: 764; publisher: Maktabah al-Maarif]
If we look at this hadith and human reality in this day and age, we will know that this hadith is one of the miracles of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. How many diseases are caused by the spread adultery in society causes. Such as syphilis, gonorhe, aids, and so forth. O Allah forgive us.

In addition to various evils in the world, then adultery is also threatened by various torments in the hereafter. Among others, reported in the hadith below:

عن أبي أمامة الباهلى قال سمعت رسول الله -صلى الله عليه وسلم- يقول: «بينا أنا نائم إذ أتانى رجلان فأخذا بضبعى فأتيا بى جبلا وعرا فقالا لى: اصعد حتى إذا كنت فى سواء الجبل إذا أنا بصوت شديد فقلت: ما هذه الأصوات قال: هذا عواء أهل النار, ثم انطلق بى فإذا أنا بقوم معلقين بعراقيبهم مشققة أشداقهم تسيل أشداقهم دما فقلت: من هؤلاء فقيل: هؤلاء الذين يفطرون قبل تحلة صومهم
ثم انطلق بي فإذا بقوم أشد شيء انتفاخا وأنتنه ريحا وأسوئه منظرا فقلت: من هؤلاء? قيل: الزانون والزواني ثم انطلق بي فإذا بنساء تنهش ثديهن الحيات قلت: ما بال هؤلاء? قيل هؤلاء اللاتي يمنعن أولادهن ألبانهن ثم انطلق بي فإذا أنا بغلمان يلعبون بين نهرين فقلت: من هؤلاء? فقيل هؤلاء ذراري المؤمنين ثم شرف بي شرفا فإذا أنا بثلاثة يشربون من خمر لهم فقلت: من هؤلاء? قالوا: هذا إبراهيم وموسى وعيسى وهم ينتظرونك

From Abu Umamah al-Bâhili, he said: I heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: When I was sleeping, suddenly there were two men who came to me, holding both arms, then both of them took me to a steep mountain, both said to me, "Come!" When I was in the middle of the mountain, suddenly I heard loud voices, then I asked, "What's that noise?" He replied, "It cries resident of hell". Then I was taken, suddenly I saw a group of people depends (inversely) with the veins of their legs (at the top), the ends of their mouths torn blood flow. I asked, "They are?" They replied, "this and they are the ones who break the fast prematurely".
Then I was taken, suddenly I saw a group of people whose bodies were bloated very large, very foul smell, and the view was terrible. I asked, "Who are they?" Answered, "Meraka is the fornicators men and women".
Then I was taken, suddenly I saw women their breasts peck snakes. I asked, "Who are they?" Answered, "Meraka are women who do not give their breast milk to children (babies) them".
Then I was taken, suddenly I saw small children playing in between the two rivers. I asked, "Who are they?" Answered, "this and they are the children of believers".
Then I was taken to a high place, suddenly I saw three people who were drinking wine. I asked, "Who are they?" Answered, "Meraka is Ibrahim, Musa, and 'Isa. They are waiting ". [HR. Ibn Hibbaan; no. 7491; Shoaib classed as saheeh by Shaykh al-Arnauth]

Indeed Satan trying to mislead and harm humans in various ways, including plunges into adultery. Then the obligation of the person who wants to survive he had to be careful and stay away from adultery and causes that conduct to adultery. May Allah always keep us all from all evils and lead to goodness.

Wallâhul Musta'ân.

[Copied from As-Sunnah magazine Special Edition 12 / Year XVIII / 1435H / 2014M. Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Solo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo 57 773 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

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